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    I have heard many ideas in what to form with the iPod click wheel. Many include using it as like a DJ scratching utility, and using at as a password protection safe, I personally like the safe idea, If they could show the password knob turn, and you drag your finger around the click wheel, that...
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    Sponges nd' Packages

    Hey all, I own a 4G 20GB iPod, By my parents are getting iPod shuffles, and they always use the sponges with the earbuds, I was just wondering if there are any ear-sponges that come packaged with the shuffle.
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    You cant push a rope...

    Hey all, I have a cousin, Who is a Microsoft enthusiast. He keeps blabbering about Apple losing 4.6% in stocks, and that their going to get bought out by Bill Gates, I know this isnt true, Im thinking of something to say back to him..
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    Shuffle Dock

    I didnt know if the dock should be under the "gear section" with the cases and accessories, anyway, If you havent heard, there is a $29 dock for the iPod shuffle, I dont have an iPod shuffle, But i thought you owners would find this interesting (i personally find it pointless) but here tis
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    Hey all, I just bought a pack of sticker printer paper, and mapped out the iPod sizes. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a sticker for my iPod, Prefferably an apple picture, or something related to Apple, Or gaming, ect.. PS: I will post the pics when tis done.
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    The Bars Of Life

    Hey all. I own a 20Gig 4G, and I have tried an older model iPod with the four sections of the battery meter, Instead of the unaccurate one today. Ive seen the voltage meter hack, But I was wondering if there were a program out there to display the old battery meter on a newer firmware.
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    Soft Spongeing

    Hey all!, I have been using the iPod earbuds for a while now, Their good enough for outdoor use, because I usually only have one on outdoors. Yesterday I lost my last sponge cover, and I dont remember how they sounded without them, Is there that much of s difference, or is it just for comfort...
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    Battery swapping.

    I was looking for a post like this, But i couldnt find one, So here it goes, ************************ I am an owner of a 4G 20GB iPod i really like the look of the 3G..I was wondering if it would be possible to put the battery from the 4G into the 3G, Because the 4G has a recognizably longer...
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    HD Scan

    Hey all, I was doing an HD scan on my 4G 20GB iPod, In 20 minutes when I was finished the batt life was at about 9%, And it was at 97% before i did the scan, I this much drain normal?, and if so, how would owners of 40GB iPods go through the scan without the battery losing all power and fully...
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    For those who dont want to fork out the money for an iPod, I found a virtual solution for them :P (PS: Doesnt really play your music)
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    Yet Another Pointless Post, lol, Not completely tho.. I just wanted to know how much songs you all have on your iPod, And how large the HD is. And what you think the average amount of songs people have on their iPod, I have 290 songs on my 20GB :)
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    This may be the most poitless post ive ever made, lol, But just a question; You know the universal jack on the bottom of the iPod?, Have you ever notices how bad it smells?!, I know, I have too much time on my hands, but smell it :p Really gross, But then again, smell happends to the best of...
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    NEW iPOD!

    (NOTE: Rip on iPod shuffle) ----------------------------------------- Dont take offence, lol :p
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    Virtual Battery

    Hey all, I just wanted to know if anyone had the same issue Im having,. and if it is normal.. When I charge the iPod charging from the wall its ok, But when I hook it up to the PC, and unplug it, The battery goes to like 20% :S Any help would be well appreciated..
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    I seen the shuffle, No screen, No touch wheel, And for 512-1GB they could have made it a bit smaller, or at least made it a bit thicker and less like a remote... And I dont care much for their product ads either; Why are they soo hawt for their shuffle option? I like listning to different...
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    Pads on? Pads off?

    I was stressing whether to put this in Gear, Or general, But feel free to move it.. How much people here keep the Pads on their earbuds? Because I havnt noticed much a difference in sound either way..
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    Real flash iPod pic

    Is this guy telling the truth?
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    Volume Restriction

    Hey all, Ive heard alot about the vol restriction in some places, I bought mine from Canada, But is there any way to check if the restrictions on? And can I use a software volume booster for one that isnt restricted? PS: Im happy with the volume, but just curious.
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    iPod SE Project

    Hello all, Im doing a little project, The iPod SE, Just like the iPod, but...Special! (I already have the apple logo on the select button, I am planning for the display to read iPodSE, I am currently trying to get it to work, I will keep you informed) (THIS IS WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE= )
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    Apples tips to save life

    (I have emailed Apple yesturday inquiring how to save battery time, both idle, and playing, I got this back..) Anon Nimitee, This is a reply to your email you sent to our help center. <THE MESSAGE I SENT WAS HERE> The best methods of saving your iPods battery life follows: 1: When playing...