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    Copied library shows wrong playlists

    I copied my whole iTunes library to my wife's iMac. I see that "/Users/********/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml/iTunes Music Library.xml" has the same date on both computers. But when I open iTunes on my wife's computer, I see playlists that aren't current on my iMac. Both computers...
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    Continuing the podcast I was listening to on iTunes

    I was at the Apple Store yesterday and the employees told me that I could start listening to a podcast on iTunes on my Mac, and then continue listening to that podcast on my phone later. I decided to test this, and I can't even *find* the issue I was listening to on my iMac. So I found a...
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    Paging problem

    Twice (in the last couple of weeks) I've been reading a book on my iPad in bed when the screen started slowly paging backwards. Every second or so, it would page. I quit the reader and check my main screen - the same thing happens. So I turn off the iPad and turn it on again, and it is...
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    Moving contacts to new iCloud account

    Only some of my contacts from my Mac are on my phone. My notes are not on my phone. When I go to System Preferences then iCloud, I see my account ( has everything checked. When I click on Manage Family, I see my wife, my iTunes account, and my iCloud account. When I...
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    Duplicate management

    I want duplicate songs on my iTunes, as I play albums and I have the space. But space is limited on my phone and pad. I don't need to play albums on them, and would be willing to give that up to clear up more space by eliminating duplicates. Any way to do this?
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    Sorting photos

    I would love to sort my photo events on my iPad with the most recent at the top - the way they are in the iPhoto library they sync with. But I haven't figured out how to do this.
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    Clearing up space

    If I am away from my computer and I need to clear up space quickly on my phone for a photo opportunity - what is the quickest way to free up space without losing anything past when I get home and synchronize? The other day my "other" was way big, but I couldn't clear that up without a...
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    iTunes 10 skipping

    Anybody have any solutions to the problem with iTunes 10 hiccupping - skipping audio for a couple of seconds?
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    Connectivity problem

    I have an iPod classic. I'm not sure how old it is, as it got replaced with a used one when my old one's battery went bad. Last week, it my iMac didn't see it. I use a docking port/USB extender, and wondered if that was my problem. The next day, I brought home my iPod USB plug which is...
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    Smart PlayList of songs with lyrics

    How do I create a smart playlist that shows songs with lyrics?
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    Foreign iTunes stores

    I keep finding links to songs on the Web - which start iTunes which tells me that I can't buy the song because it's from a foreign iTunes store. Some of those links are in domestic sites. Why are the stores different for different countries?
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    Calendar not importing

    copied a bunch of .ics files in my ipod's calendar file. I open my iPod and see each calendar item. Then I plug it into my iMac and sync all calendars. Now my iPod only has one .ics (iSync-Work.ics) file that contains the following: BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 CALSCALE:GREGORIAN...
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    Changing Protected ACC name

    I bought some iTunes before I knew better than to buy protected songs - but sometimes I bought from work where I had accidentally gotten my name wrong. (Trying to remember my name on the Internet is as bad as trying to remember my password, as they don't all let me do my name the same). When...
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    Podcast to Song

    How do I convert a podcast to a song? I changed the attribute type of the .mp3 file, but when I clicked on it, iTunes opened it as a podcast. My #1 priority here is to save it while other podcasts in that subscription automatically purge. I suppose I could open it in a music editor and then...
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    Quick change on how this CD will import

    I normally import CDs as Apple Lossless - but sometimes a CD isn't worth the extra space. So I change my default before and after I load such a CD. Is there a more convenient way to load a CD in a format other than my default?
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    Importing stories

    I have some Garrison Keillor tapes - I'd like to import them into iTunes, but put them as audiobooks. How do I put them there? I also have a couple of podcasts that I'd like to put in as music. How do I do that?
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    Find songs missing lyrics

    I'd like to create a playlist of songs that do not contain the word "instrumental" in the comments, and which do not have lyrics. How do I do this?
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    Not selecting podcasts

    I have a smart playlist that shows unplayed songs. I have some podcasts, including some that I copied from the podcast directory and tried to turn into regular songs - which won't select when I tell iTunes to play that playlist on my computer. I can select that podcast by hand, but I want it...
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    This morning I logged onto my computer at work and when I started iTunes, I saw two new shared libraries, with names Smith Limewire. When "Smith" arrived (name has been changed), I asked him about this and he did not want to share them. We found his application Limewire and told it not to...
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    Randomizing playlists

    I keep having the same order in my play lists, even though they are set to shuffle in iTunes. I've been recording stuff, so my procedure when I get home from work is to plug in my iPod, wait for it to synchronize, then turn off manual synchronization, wait for it to synchronize, then turn on...