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    wifi invisi-shield randoms

    I got a refurb instructions So I connect to my wifi at shows a check mark next to my local wifi I get an icon with 3 bars up top.. But when I try to visit a site it says "safari cannot connect to server" I connected to my wifi? So if I have to send it in, what...
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    Couple of sell

    I have a couple ipods to unload... I need a new if you are a fixer of ipods then this could be a win win...I cant live without my music so I am going crazy... I have a 4gig silver mini thats in good shape with a great battery...but it has the folder icon at start up.... I also have...
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    Audio troubles?????

    I am going to purchace a 30 gb 5th gen video...I am getting it on the cheap....but it has a problem with its audio... According to the seller when headphones are plugged in it only plays music/sound from one side....but when using an itrip the audio is perfect???? Is this a simple fix or would...
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    Looking for recommends for full intergration

    I know I can search for every answer but this is for opinions on a few different topics and its easier to ask my questions in one thread... I have a 2002 Nissan Frontier 1) Head unit? Which brand do you like? Why? Which one is easy to navigate and use with a remote? My truck has a lot of room...
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    WTT Have 4gig Silver Mini...Want video

    WTT Have 4gig Silver Mini...Want video or will sell Hey guys, I have a 4 gig ipod mini silver in has a few scratches but a great battery life....I have the usb cable and an itrip fm transmitter that go with box or manuals (save for the itrip ones).... Looking for any...
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    WTB: U2 ipod...

    Dont know what the going rate is on these...but I kinda want one...would prefer it with all the junk it came with...but either way
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    This is gonna sound ######ed..but..

    I havent had my ipod didnt come fully boxed so I have nothing to refer to...and reading a huge manual after downloading it seems stupid if someone can just go yeah or no... So...that said...will the mini shuffle tracks from just one artist?? Or just one album... Will any Ipod do this?
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    Cant remove a podcast

    Its odd...I deleted it from my library...from the podcast folder...hell from my hard drive...but it still stays in the mini??? Any ideas?
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    Full intergration...

    I read all the posts in the thread stickied about the topic..but have other questions for people who have done it I currently have the itrip and the sound quality it terrible...different songs play much louder than others...cell phones interfere with the signal...lets just say that I am not...
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    I dont know if this counts

    my friend and I do our own radio show...we submitted the first one to itunes...dont know how that went anyone its a show about comics....mostly the punisher...its kinda funny www punisherwarzone com insert dots where the spaces are...I cant post a link?