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    For Sale: Sony MDR-V700 Headphones

    I have a pair of Sony MDR-V700 DJ's Headphones, i bought them new but used very very rarely because i use my EX-71SL most of the time and i find headphones in general uncomfortable. This headphones is in real good shape, no cosmatical flaw or any tear/wear on the leather part. I am asking $70...
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    For Sale: iPod Mini 1st Gen Silver

    I have a iPod Mini Silver color 1st generation, in absolutely perfect condition. I bought it during Christmas in BestBuy for $250. I have put plastic film on the screen from 1st second on the 1st day. And I have been taking very good care of it, it is in flawless condition, no scratches or marks...
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    WTB: BRAND NEW iPod Mini Silver

    I'm looking for a brand new iPod Mini, preferably silver. I live in U.S., California to be exact. I've bought and sold a 2nd gen 15gb and a 3rd gen 20gb in this forum in the past 2 years, so i'm not someone really new, just havent been here since the last iPod was sold. I have 100% positive...
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    FS: 20GB 3rd Gen Mint!

    I have a 20GB 3rd Gen iPod for sale, condition is very very nice, I have protectors on the screen of the iPod as well as the back from day 1, so scratch is not an option. (i cannot guarantee the white part to be scratch free because it has not been protected, only tiny ones if any at all, i...
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    WANTED: Silver Mini Ipod (preferably new/sealed)

    I would like to buy a Silver Mini Ipod, I cannot find one currently in any of the stores around me nor online companies. Ebay auctions is such a rip off ($350+). I will pay up to $300 shipped and I live in California. I prefer the mini new/sealed, but if u got one used, but in mint condition...
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    Wanted: Ipod Mini (silver, pink, or green)

    I would like to buy a Ipod Mini, new in box that is, for a maximum of $300 shipped. color i prefer silver, but i'll live with a pink or green one too. anyone?
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    should we call new ipods 4th Gen?

    technically they are 4th generation of ipods right? same design dont really matter cus 1st and 2nd have the same look.
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    different colored iPod screen

    Disclaimer: I am not trying to put Lajo out of business (not that he will or anything), just trying to look for a new way for people that cannot afford $3.50 + $5.00 shipping for a screen protector. When I first joined this forum, there is a thread about a so-called "hack" for ipod screen using...
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    Complain to Apple for a trade?

    I'm one of the very dissapointed Apple customers who bought a 15GB at $399, and not even half a year from releasing that a new kind of ipod have been released at the same price but bigger hard drive. I would very much like to go into an Apple store and give the manager a tirade, but...
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    less than 4 hours of battery life

    this is getting pretty ridiculous, i get somewhere from 3 hours to maybe 4 hours of battery life at a full charge, i do use the backlight at 5 seconds, no equalizer or shuffle and all that, and i do pick songs but not that frequently. is this what all of you are getting? btw, ipod only 2 month...
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    iSkin Colors

    I see that the iskin have been categorized into different color groups, example: vibrant, glow, florescent. I was wondering how different in colors are among the groups. The reason i ask is because the skydance (vibrant) is really good and very rich in color, therefore i really want a green...
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    Fix the attracting dust problem?

    Is there anyway to stop the iskin from attracting dusts and hair? I washed mine about 5 times already with soap, still attract lots of dusts. Any kind of spray for anti-dust coating? Lajo? anyone?
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    FS: Maclear Case for 10/15GB

    I have 5 of these Maclear Cases for 10/15GB 3Gen iPods available, each one will be 10 dollars shipping included only in the united states, other countries might need to add more shipping fees. All 5 of them are brand new, with belt clip. either post here or contact me by email at...
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    Amazing EXO

    I dont remember any of you guys commenting on the softness of the EXO, I just go my Ice today, and gosh it's so soft, almost to a degree that it's melting, unbelievable. I always thought it was a kind of hard rubber, kind of like an eraser, guess i was wrong. My point is, the EXO is extremely...
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    any news on skydance?

    skydance coming soon? how about the other colors? thanks.
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    Computer Pictures

    Hi, this is not related to iPod, but since this is a great forum, I dont think the admins will mind. I am planning to sell my computer (desktop) and get a laptop (alienware hopefully), thats why this is not in the classified section. I have taken pictures of it and edited a few, here is the link...
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    Maclear Case for 10/15gb 3rd gen

    FS: Maclear Case for 10/15gb 3rd gen I have 5 of these, each with belt clip, for 10/15 3rd gen iPod, they are new. 10 dollars each shipping included. I will only ship to 48 states, because if you live in Canada or other places the shipping fee will probably be more than 10 dollars. so unless im...
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    Help choosing an iskin

    hi, i know i have posted a thread called i want skydance but now i some doubt about choosing the color and need some help. other than skydance i also like the frogger and martian, i dont know the difference between the 2 during day light but i would like to ask you guys which of these 3 would...
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    I want skydance !!!

    When will it be available? It looks like a fantastic color to me, I know indigo is much darker, and blue mist lighter, whats the difference between skydance and carribbean blue? P.S. I suppose im directing this thread to Lajo, since no one have had skydance yet.
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    Maclear Case

    anyone got any opinions on the Maclear case? i just got mine today, and it is overall not bad, although not what i expected. the case zipper is somewhat funny, seems gonna break soon, the color is ultra clear alright, but on the back there are alittle abrasive parts and im sure this jacket is...