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    MIDI keyboards... basic help

    Hello there... how are you today? anyway, on Thursday I convinced my parents to get me a new Yamaha P60 keyboard. They said I need to use it, or I'll have to buy it from them. Now, having played piano for 9 of my glorious 15 years, I have this feeling having a piano-like instrument in my room...
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    shoot a swedish tank from your computer

    A guy in Sweden spent over $2000 developing and building a tank with a lasergun and paintgun that is shot by users over the internet. They pay $4 for a half hour (it's free right now if you ask nicely) of use on the tank, and you can drive it around his house. He's a great guy, I've been...
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    iPod mini shell replacement- come with top/bottom?

    I just bought a used iPod- I knew beforehand that it had a dent in the top, and I'd planned to replace the WHOLE shell with one of these: They look like they come with the top and bottom parts, but DO THEY? if...
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    FS: iPod Dock and White (brand new) MDR-EX81's

    FS: iPod Dock and White (brand new) MDR-EX71's I need a few bucks, so I'm going to sell my dock for my iPod (4G size) and my headphones. I bought the headphones as a gift for myself, and then realized I didn't need them. They come with the medium size earpieces and the cord cabler (really...
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    Possibly a 1GB iPod Shuffle for sale

    I read about the possible iPod mini upgrades, and I thought that since ThinkSecret posted it, I might want to just give up and get a nicer Mini- it's what I was going to get anyway. I would take this back to the Apple store, but I bought it from Microcenter, and I know Apple won't take it...
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    Made the "mistake" of buying wall charger- Blessing in disguise?

    When I got my shuffle, I didn't realize that my PS2, PC (usb 1.1), and the computers at school would all charge it. I decided to get the USB wall charger. So, the guy at the store told me that the charger would also charge my old iPod if I used the USB cable. So here is question 1. Why...
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    Rip and replace songs

    What is the best way to take all of the songs off of my iPod and store them IN THAT GROUP to put onto a new iPod? the conditions: 1. I will NOT have 2 ipods at the same time. I must rip, get rid of iPod, buy new, replace. 2. There are other songs (which I don't want on my iPod) in iTunes. How...
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    Iron-on Transfer Favor

    could someone make and mail me an iron on transfer of a picture? it only has to be 3.25" tall and not even that wide. It is a small favor, as it won't cost much time or money to complete. The reason I'm asking is because my color printer is out of ink, and even if it had any, it isn't an...
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    headphones (standard) became magnetized

    recently, I was able to rub the iPod earphones together (defribillator style), and now they've become magnetized and "jump" apart. How did this just suddenly happen (the magnetization)? They were just sitting there and then i picked them up and they were magnetized. Can you help me? nevermind.
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    FS: Digital FM Transmitter- 12 volt plug, better sound than iTrip!

    For sale is an Insten Digital FM Transmitter. I recently bought this by accident on eBay. I paid $30 plus shipping for it, but didn't really get what I was buying. When I got it, it wasn't what I thought it was. I used this recently on a trip to Alabama, and this thing worked GREAT for all...
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    iPod started HDD scan... can I stop it?

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    WTB: any iPod (any gen, size, etc.) under $150 that works

    I'm thinking of getting into a deal for selling my iPod, but only if I can find even a 1gen 5gb to buy for $150 or less. thanks and PM me for details. Sorry about the brief post, kind of being forced off the computer!
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    not a real "problem"-- iPod always says:

    my iPod always says I have 13.5 GB free out of 13.8 GB in the About menu. When I log onto iTunes, it says I have about 11 gigs free... why does the About not know? any ideas?
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    to make itunes upload two.

    what do I have to do to fix iTunes up to make it upload 2 cd's at a time? I have 2 drives, but find it stupid that I can only upload one at a time.... how do I change this?