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    FS: Apple Frosted White Silicon Case for 1st gen Nano

    For sale: An original Apple silicon case (Tubes) in frosted white for the original iPod nano. Never used. $5.50 with shipping included to the 50 U. S. states only. I can email a picture if you like. Check here for pictures -...
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    FS: 16GB Ipod Touch w/2 Year Warranty

    16GB iPod Touch for sale. 2 year warranty good until 11-1-2009. Frosted clear silicone case. No scratches on the screen. Some on the back like most ipods after getting handled. Original box and everything that came with it when new. $330.00 obo shipped to the 50 U.S. states only.
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    FS: Griffin PowerPod charger, new

    For sale: Brand new Griffin PowerPod charger in the box. Fits in your car's cigarette lighter. Has a firewire connection at the end of the charger and a separate 4 foot cable with a firewire connector at one end and dock connector at the other end for plugging into an ipod. Has a status led and...
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    BEWARE! lawgit is a thief. Takes your money and sends nothing. ilounge ad title - F.S BRAND NEW 8gb itouch $195 shipped (Paypal only) seller - lawgit email - other email - name on paypal - Dwight Jones in Miami, FL
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    feisty_rabbit - positive

    Fast payment. Easy transaction.
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    FS: 8GB Red Nano 3rd Gen. Brand New

    FS: 8gb Red Nano, 3rd gen. Brand new and never used. It has a name engraved on the back which is very, very small. The total engraving is about 1/2" wide and 1/8" tall. With most protective cases on the ipod, you wouldn't see the engraving. $168 with shipping to the U. S. only. Money order...
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    FS: Two iPod Shuffles 1GB Aluminum, Silver + Green

    Two iPod Shuffles for sale: Silver iPod Shuffle 1GB, 2nd gen., aluminum. Original box, unused earphones, USB dock, quick start guide. Excellent condition and works great. $42.00 including shipping to the U. S. only. Green iPod Shuffle 1GB, 2nd gen., aluminum. Original box, unused earphones...
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    FS: Nano 8GB Black 2nd Gen. Like New + Case

    iPod Nano 8GB black 2nd generation. Works perfect, like new condition, no scratches or dings. Original box and papers, unused USB 2.0 cable, unused dock adapter. Silicone case. Always been in an ExtremeMac TuffWrap Accent ($24.95) silicone case. Case has screen cover (+ extra covers included)...
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    FS: Griffin PowerPod auto charger, new.

    For sale: Brand new Griffin PowerPod auto charger in the box. Has a firewire connection at the end of the charger and a separate 4 foot cable with a firewire connector at one end and dock connector at the other end for plugging into an ipod. Has a status led and is fused and filtered to protect...
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    iSkin eVo3 for iPod Video 60GB 80GB, RED, NEW

    Brand new in the box iSkin eVo3 silicone skin for Apple iPod 60gb and 80gb video, 5th gen. Blaze red color, size B. Shipping within the 50 United States $2.50. Prefer money order or cashiers check. $20.00
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    +++NEGATIVE+++ for nano_ninja

    Nano_ninja is a dishonest person. Beware, don't deal with him. Can't be trusted. I paid for a 4gb blue ipod nano and earphones. I only received the ipod nano in the mail after almost a month. Just before he mailed it, he said the earphones broke and didn't want to send them. All he said was...
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    FS: Apple iPod 80GB Black w/Extras

    For Sale: Apple iPod 80gb black video, 5th gen., like new condition. iPod has an extended AppleCare warranty until Sept. 2008. skin applied the first day to keep it scratch free. Brand new iSkin Evo3 Blaze color in box. Brand new AV cables. EXTRAS MENTIONED - AppleCare warranty...
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    FS: iPod nano 4gb Blue

    For sale: iPod nano 4GB blue, 2nd Gen. aluminum. Apple earphones and USB 2.0 cord included. Works excellent. $140 with shipping included to the 50 US states only. Also have a 1st. gen. Apple Silicone Tube, frosted color that fits the iPod nano very well for $4.00 extra. PM or email -...
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    slow classified form

    The classified forum response is very slow today. Checking pm's, going to ads, refreshing classifieds is very, very slow today. There are other times that the classified system is very slow, not just today. Why? Too much traffic? Classified person in charge thought the webmaster could look into it.
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    FS: New Apple Original iPod Nano Tube, White

    For sale, one new original Apple iPod nano tube silicone skin, white/frosted clear color. Fits the 1st gen. nano. I had one on my 2nd gen. nano and it fit quite good also. $3.50 + .75 for shipping to the 50 US states only. Money order or (paypal + $2.00). Can send picture. PM if interested...
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    FS: iPod Shuffle 1GB, 2nd Gen., Brand New

    Brand new iPod shuffle 1GB, 2nd gen. $75 including shipping to the 50 US states. Money order. Paypal possible if buyer pays fees. Can send picture if interested. Cheaper than on ebay lately. PM if interested. Have 100% ebay feedback you can check. Check the Apple ipod store for info. at -...
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    FS: Original Apple Nano Tubes

    Brand new original Apple iPod Nano Tubes, made of high quality silicone with a thin layer of silicone on the click wheel control. These tubes are compatible with all 1st. Gen. Apple iPod Nano 1GB/2GB/4GB. I have one on my new 2nd. Gen. aluminum nano and it fits quite good. Colors: Pink...
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    iBop - great buyer

    iBop is a great buyer. Easy to deal with and fast payment.
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    FS: iPod nano 4gb White, Extras

    Like new iPod nano 4gb white. Plastic on screen since I got it. Works perfect. Less than the cost of a 2gb. What a deal. Holds 1000 songs. Apple iPod nano tube frosted color. Brand new unopened Apple earphones. USB cable for charging. $130 shipped to the 50 US States. Postal money order or...
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    FS: Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter for iPod nano, Brand New

    Brand new Griffin iTrip black FM transmitter for 1st gen. iPod nano. Sells for $49.95 on Apple's iPodStore. Quick start guide and pouch included. More info. on Money order or Paypal (extra $4.00). $35.00 with shipping included to 50 US States only. PM if...