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  1. cjmnews

    iPad backup falling over

    I was kind of afraid of that. I am assuming you rebooted as well (restarts the Apple Helper services and possibly clear the issue in the iPad). 3 ideas: First: Can you backup to iCloud? We all get 5 GB of space there, I don't use much of mine, but it is space we have. My thought is that if...
  2. cjmnews

    Artist Thumbnail Art (Image Attached)

    From what I was reading the art there for the artist to manage through Apple, I guess it could be sort of a social media thing like Apple tried with the follow the artist thing back in iOS 10.
  3. cjmnews

    “Not In My Library” (Music/ITunes)

    iTunes Match uses a different source of music than the purchases. So you will always have the Not In My Library tab being populated. I don't use Match, but I think that if you went to the View menu, and click on Only Downloaded Music then all the cloud tracks would be hidden from your library...
  4. cjmnews

    iPad backup falling over

    Your backup is usually located at C:\Users\<login>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup in a directory with a long hexadecimal name, the AppData folder is hidden, so you'll need to allow hidden folders to be seen to get there. You can tell the right one by comparing the date on...
  5. cjmnews

    Artist Thumbnail Art (Image Attached)

    I can confirm there is no way I can find to update the art in Windows iTunes or Mac Catalina Music. My test artist also has different art on Catalina than the art on my established Windows database. Odd to see I can't save files from Home Sharing iTunes on Windows to Catalina Music, I thought...
  6. cjmnews

    Artist Thumbnail Art (Image Attached)

    Based on some articles I found online these images are coming from Apple, with no way to alter them. The change was apparently made in 2018 with the release of iOS12. I will look at it when I get access to my Mac.
  7. cjmnews

    My AirPods request to siri to "read the new message" requires me to unlock my phone. My phone is iPhone XR, iOS 13.3.1.

    I would try rebooting the phone then try again, if that doesn’t work, back up the phone and restore it. Sounds like something isn’t right with iOS to me.
  8. cjmnews

    Facebook will not load all the way on safari

    Why not use the app? You may need to clear browsing data in Settings->Safari->Clear History and Website Data then try Facebook again.
  9. cjmnews

    Unable to open artists in music app

    I don't see that issue on similar hardware and OS. Though I am on 13.3.1/iPhone X. I would try one of these steps and stop where it is fixed: Kill off the music app and restart to see if that fixes it. Reboot the phone to see if that fixes it Delete the Music App, reinstall from the App Store...
  10. cjmnews

    iPod Classic 6th Gen ("7th Gen"/MC297) - What material is used for the metal back plate?

    There probably will not be many details on the materials used. Per it is Chromed Stainless steel. Per Apple it is polished stainless steel. My guess is Apple would...
  11. cjmnews

    Tags won't stay but keep changing

    These are MP3 tracks. iTunes unfortunately does not update the MP3 tags by default. So when you update the tags, they are only updated in the iTunes library, and as you saw when playback happens, the MP3 tags are read and updated in the iTunes library. Update the tags again, then you can...
  12. cjmnews

    Where is my activity log on my Facebook page on the safari browser on my iPad?

    Yes it is, tap Settings...follow the rest of the steps
  13. cjmnews

    Where is my activity log on my Facebook page on the safari browser on my iPad?

    Tapping the same button again isn't really following instructions given. Here they are again broken down even more: Try going to your Facebook feed Tap the 3 bars (3 lines) in the top right side Scroll down and tap on Settings Scroll down to the Your Facebook Information section and tap on...
  14. cjmnews

    Help - iTunes: converted MP3 album, track lengths cut off

    iTunes has had a history of cutting off long songs since 2016. They have not resolved it as far as I can find. I don't think I have run into it yet. The only fix I can find is using a new library, and I am not sure that will work. If you want to try it, you can create a new library, import...
  15. cjmnews

    How do you rename a playlist on your iPad?...

    Just above the 3 dots is an Edit button to edit the playlist, this should allow you to rename it.
  16. cjmnews

    How do I delete a song from my iPad using iTunes? iTunes should behave the same.
  17. cjmnews

    How do I delete a song from my iPad using iTunes?

    You asked about deleting the song from the iPad: removing it from the automatic sync deleting it from the library with the Music App, or locating the track on the device (Click on the iPad, then click in the Music section under On My Device, then find the track, right click and delete the...
  18. cjmnews

    How do I delete a song from my iPad using iTunes?

    It depends on how the iPad is synced with iTunes. In manual mode, you can locate the track ON THE iPad, right click and delete. In automatic mode you need to uncheck the playlist or track from the sync process (I can be synced by playlist, artist, album or track) or you can delete it from the...
  19. cjmnews

    My iPad will not recognize as one album

    Since the album is complete in iTunes, that eliminates several things like Album name, Artist name with hidden differences (leading or trailing spaces). The options could cause this if you have some of them set as compilation and others not. You may need to turn it on and off in iTunes and...
  20. cjmnews

    Where is my activity log on my Facebook page on the safari browser on my iPad?

    It is there in the app, but you are using the browser. In the browser on my iPhone (don't have my old iPad with me at the moment) there is an Activity Log button (gray circle with 3 dot/lines in it) under my name. I also don't have the Edit Profile button that you have. You should also be...