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    FS: Black Nano, 7th gen, with armband

    Just not using it. Perfect condition, 16g black nano. Included is a black silicone case/armband by Cignett. $60, includes shipping to CONUS. Email me with questions.
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    Set ringtone for prefix, not total number

    I want to set a specific ringtone for all calls that I receive with a specific prefix. When I get calls from work, the prefix is always the same (345-xxxx), but the last 4 digits vary. I've tried using an asterisk (*), or **** in a row, with no luck. Adding the area code didn't help...
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    JAYBIRD GEAR customer service NIGHTMARE!

    Honestly, I don't know how these folks are still in business. I placed an order for the Sportband, and never received them. After emailing the company, they sent me a tracking number several days later that showed the item had been returned to them in Utah. WTF? So, I called. Some kid...
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    Does this thing power off?

    I can't figure out how to power down the little thing. In the manual, it talks about "power the screen off/on". It also stated the nano uses battery power when it's off. Makes me think you can't turn the power off. Or, am I missing something?
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    FS: Marware Eco-Vue, barely used

    It's a great case: I've just decided to use the iPad bare. In like-new condition with no defects. Asking $35 OBO, and I"ll cover domestic shipping. It can be on it's way to you today. Patty
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    FS: Shure SE115 Sound Isolating Earphones

    Only used twice. Works well with both new shuffle and iPhone. I have all extra tips, case, booklet. $120 new; asking $65. Will only ship in US. Let me know if you're interested. Patty
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    I am SO me Mr. Wizard!

    Used ER6is, then v-moda in-ears for a few years. I've finally killed the v-modas, and am desperate to replace the crappy apple headset for the 3GS. Simple question: What 'phones have all of the functionality of the phones for the 3GS (ie voice dialing, playlist selection, etc) ?
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    v-moda sport headphones, $25

    I bought these at CostCo for $39, and have used them twice. I just like my old ones better. Asking $25, and I'll pop them in the mail to you.
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    FS: 8GB 3G Black Nano

    Great shape......always been in a case. Asking $100, including USPS shipping in US.
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    iphone 3G users...what WILL charge it?

    I'm learning that a lot of current speaker systems/in-car set-ups will NOT charge the new 3G iphone. Can we start a thread listing devices that we know WILL and WILL NOT chrarge the new iphone? I'll start with a note from USAspec (the folks who made the cable hookup for the ipod in my car)...
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    RSS reader

    Anyone use an RSS reader on their iphone?
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    FS: Apple Armband for 3G Nano

    Used once. Protects the whole device. Reasonable offer accepted.
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    WANTED: just a holster, please!

    Do you remember the little clip holster that came with the Mini? Anyone else want something simple like that for the new Nano? Right now, I'm using the arm band at the gym, but don't like it much. something slim and trim to clip onto the shorts, please!
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    Sharing from PC to Mac.

    I've been reading as many posts re: sharing as I can, but have yet to find a working solution to my problem. Hopefully, someone here can help. I am unable to share my iTunes from a PC to a Mac. The Mac will share with the PC. Other files can be shared across the wireless network; just not the...
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    Sharing between Mac & PC

    Just got a MacBook, and want to be able to access my iTunes library on my PC. I've checked the proper boxes under prefs (look for shared libraries, share my library, entire library, no password) on both machines. The PC can see the Mac, but the Mac can't see the PC. :o I've unchecked...
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    Etymotic ER6is

    White cord, with 4 extra pairs of ear flanges and 3 pair of filters with tool. Used, but, with all of the extras, they're like new for you! $50, includes USPS shipping.
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    Questions for Vibe owners:

    How long is the cable? I have the ER6i's, and the longer cable can be a pain, especially with the microphonics. And speaking of that, any dramatic problems with microphonics with the Vibes? Thanx for your comments.
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    Problem with Playlist playback, shuffle "on"

    This is a new one on me. I just loaded my holiday music from iTunes onto the iPod. My problem is specific to one smart playlist, with genre "Holiday". If I set it to shuffle "songs", it only sees the music 1 at a time (plays 1 of 1), and plays 1 song, then stops. If I set shuffle to...
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    iTunes, TV Shows and frame rate

    How can I increase the frame rate to a viewable level in a larger screen? If I leave the show in "actual size", the speed ifs fine. But, once I double it, the frame rate drops to an unwatchable level. I assume it's on the PC software, because I can hook up to a TV and have no problem. I've...
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    ARRRGH...cord noise making me nuts!

    I've been using Ety ER6is for a while, and have been enjoying them for over a year. Well, I changed gyms, and they no longer have the pounding music throbbing thru the place. Now, I notice noise from the cord, whether it's swinging against the machine or, God forbid, I try to run it under my...