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    ipod settings - podcast tab makes itunes quit

    4G new to me (refurb) nano 1.0.4 with itunes on windows XP. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, and repairing itunes and quicktime and i have restored the ipod. itunes still quits when I click on the podcasts tab to change the podcast settings on the ipod. any tips? I have another...
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    audio and video podcast - i only want audio

    is there a way to only get the audio portion of a podcast that has both audio podcasts and video clips? specifically, I'm looking at Bill Maher's podcast. It has the complete show in audio, but then it has video clips. I don't want the clips to download, but I want the audio show downloaded...
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    Can someone explain push email?

    Can someone explain push email and the enterprise data plan? I'm helping my dad put together an iphone plan with at&t. His company has an exchange server and he is going to be using that account for email, contacts, calendar. At&t is trying to sell him on an additional $15 (i think) push...
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    v-moda vibes review

    i am curious what happened with the vibes review. i saw it yesterday and now it is gone. google cache only has the preview that was up before the review. i am guessing it had something to do with how you guys pointed out that vmoda was being a bit underhanded with their marketing, but just...
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    broken shuffle? apple has a new fixer. try it.

    Windows Version Mac Version
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    wikipedia gurus wanted. iPod wiki given negative connotations

    some sections of the iPod wikipedia page have been edited with a clear bias. i am not into the whole wikipedia scene, but i believe this needs to be addressed. the 2 sections i noticed that were negative and inaccurate where bass response and battery. i have made a weak attempt at getting...
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    if you delete a song from itunes, the copy on the shuffle WILL be deleted!

    THE IPOD SHUFFLE WILL ALWAYS DELETE ANYTHING NOT IN YOUR ITUNES LIBRARY. IT IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER IPODS. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. (aside from using third party software to load your ipod shuffle) thanks for listening.
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    more than a year later, sony responds to the ipod shuffle eyeballing, it looks about the same length and width of the shuffle, but its probably fatter (for a larger 28 hour battery). it doesn't look horrible. i'm curious how you will be able to navigate. if its only forwards and backwards...
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    pacman on ipod nano and 5g (ipodlinux)
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    play half life on your ipod nano
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    FS: ipod shuffle + pink case on

    FS: ipod shuffle + pink case - ends tonight let me know, maybe we can work something out.
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    does your screen look this bad?

    in case you guys haven't heard, creative just released a great ipod competitor, the creative zen vision:m it supports more video formats, higher resolution videos (the screen is the same resolution, but it...
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    NEW UPDATER: supposedly fixes problems with the shuffle
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    small ears - recommended IEMs or earbuds

    i'm looking for a christmas gift for a girl with small ears /ear canals (i don't even think she can fit her pinky into her ear canal). are the ex-51 or ex-71 good for people with small ears? are there any others i should be looking at?
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    scratches poll

    i have heard some people claim the case that comes with the nano/5g ipod scratches it. i have also heard microfiber cloths (for cleaning glasses, etc) will cause scratches. the best so far has been that dust alone will cause scratches. does anyone have any input? i'm mainly curious about...