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    could someone confirm is this true? ABOUT IPOD NANO BATTERY i tried searching about this on ilounge but had no luck.. that link helped me but i want to make sure that its true.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. THANKS
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    WTT: My silver Ipod mini for a larger ipod..

    looking to trade my silver ipod mini for a larger ipod, mines still in waranty, looking for a 4g ipod tho.. cuz i need more space.. lmk what you got.. pm me for details.. i will add cash on top to make difference.. i have many extras also, like Belkin fm transmitter, iskin (clear), iflipstand...
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    Fs: Ex71sl White Mint Condtion Japanese Version

    got a pair of Ex71SL WHITE MINT CONNDTION,comes with everything, box manual, plugs case etc.. pm if interested, PAYPAL VERIFIED!
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    WTT/WTB: My SamSung E715 For a IPOD MINI

    I'm interested in buying a IPOD MINI, or rather trade my E715 for the ipod mini.. preferbly NEW.. I'm willing to add cash on top as long its reasonable, more details about my E715 can be given and i have pictures avalible. thanks! PM ME, i WILL LIKELY NOT check this post!
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    wtb: Ex71sl white or trade for my E888LP GOLD

    i'm interested in buyin a pair of new ex71sl in white.. pm me with offers please, otherwise if you wish, we could trade off with my E888LP GOLD, YES GOLD, better than the chrome one
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    WTT or SELL my E888LP GOLD for EX71SL

    i have a mint condition E888LP GOLD willing to trade for a pair of EX71SL WHITE PREFERED, but if you only have black, i guess its ok.. or money towards buying a used one. thanks!
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    the future of the ipod mini?

    i'm thinkin about getting a ipod, but i'm in a budget so i was thinkin about getting the ipod mini, but i want to get something like the belkin digital link thing to send the images from the camera to the ipod for storage, do you think belkin will come out with an accesory such as this for the...
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    iRiver ihp series to have accessoires alike the ipod?

    do you guys think the ihp would have accessoires alike how the ipod currently has? i seriously want to get a ihp player, but then the thought of not having neat accessoires that the ipod has, makes me sway towards ipod.. what do yall think?? *basicly 3rd party accessoires*
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    ipod 4gen?

    did apple say anything about releasing a 4gen ipod anytime soon, or perhaps next year? haha jw..
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    WTB: iskin exo2 EBONY or/AND ARTIC MINT/NEW..

    want to buy the following: iSKIN exo2 EBONY or/and the Artic.. in mint or brand new.. pm me with offers. want the one for my future 10gb or 15gb
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    Let The Maddess End!! Ahhh!!!

    ok this bugging thing.. lets VOTE on which skin you like! the iSKIN exo2 or the LAJO exo2 SKIN! AHHH!!
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    any rubber case have display screen protector?

    i'm looking for a rubber ipod case that has a screen protector, i dun want to scratch the screen.. have anyone had issues on scratchign the screen?
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    WTB: ipod Wired remote & case -->inside for more info

    i want to get a ipod remote for my 10gb.. and the clear case.. prefer WHITE, Black etc, nothing FLASHY... and can someone tell me if theres a "rubber" case that covers the ipod's display screen? i dun wanna scratch the screen.. haha
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    WTT: my ifp-395t player for ihp-100 or 3gen ipod..

    i want to trade mines, mint condition. 10/10 come with double of every accessoires.. etc. email me at [email protected] trader must have all oringal accessoires, must be 15gb or 30 gb.. come with stock stand charger.. etc.. email or pm me from here, and i will take the sweeter deal i get.. :)...
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    WTB: 30GB or 15GB Gen3, or HardDrive basiced player~~ MINT CONDITION!!!!!!!

    i wis hto buy a mint condition 15GB or 30GB ipod, the new edition 3. i'm not sure if Gen2 have a 30GB but if there is, that would be good too or a harddrive basiced player 15+ GB player.. please email me at [email protected] with your current offer etc. thanks.