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    I am curious to see what others on here are planning on doing with the release of the new iPhone. I just bought an iPhone a little over a year ago just before the 3gs came out. I finally left Verizon and paid the ETF to move to AT & T. I have the 3g. I am already missing things like...
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    I bought two ring tones yesterday on iTunes. The ring tones were added to my purchase list but do not show up on my ring tones. I have tried to drag them over and it will not let me. How do I get purchased ring tones to work?
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    Making iTunes Purchase

    How do I link my Touch to my iTunes account? I want to be able to make purchases directly to my Touch from my already established account.
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    Apple Store

    According to my local Apple store they do not have iPods today. Is this something they have to say until the end of the Let's Rock event or are they telling me the truth? Hmmmm....
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    Any ideas of when the announcementwill be?

    Where's the best place to look for an announcement? Apple's web site?
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    New Ipod's

    So how is this going to play out? Everyone is anticipating new iPods's tomorrow. Will this just be an announcement or with they just show up in stores? I do not understand the strategy that Apple uses for releasing new iPod's. I can understand keping specs under wraps. I do not understand...
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    Say it ain't so.

    I have been wanting an iPhone more and more lately and do not want to switch from Verizon. Please tell me I do not have to wait another year+ to get one. Is it September 2009 that the deal with AT & T is over?? Ahhhhh!!!!
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    I have two questions: 1. I downloaded a show from itunes and I want to put it on a DVD. Will itunes do this? 2. Does anyone know how I can save a youtube clip to a DVD? Thanks.
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    AV Cable

    Anyone have one of these? I like the idea, I just wonder about resolution limitations. If anyone has one I would like to know how...
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    Adding Music from CD's

    Sorry this is probably a dumb question,, but what do I have to do to get music from CD to my IPOD? Thanks.
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    Couple Questions

    Is there a way t get streaming music on the Touch? It does not appear that it currently supports XM or Yahoo music. Is there another way? I have a trip coming up that will have me on a plane for 8+ hours. I know the touch will not support this for video playback. Is there a device that...
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    Movie Downloads

    Ok so I have been having trouble with downloading DVD's to my iPod. I am beyond frustrated at this point and are looking for other options. I did a search and learned that there are other sites that claim to be able to let you download movies to your iPod. The two I am looking at...
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    I am using Videor to convert some DVD's and have some questions. 1. Is there a better way to convert .vob files than doing them individually? It would be nice if you could just click all files at once. 2. When you play the movie will it run continuously or will it stop after each...
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    Separate iTunes accounts?

    I have iTunes on my home and work computer. Unless I am imagining things it looks like the balance ($$$) on my work computer is differant than the one on my home computer. Is this possibe? I would think that wherever I log into my account the balance would be the same.
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    New iPod touch ordered!!

    I am excited about getting my new 16gb. I have some questions as well. 1. I read on here about making a smart list to manage the music and videos. What is a smart list? How do I make one? 2. What accessories do you recommend? I want to get a case ASAP. Any suggestions? I would like...