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    Positive for kdogg

    I sold him an iPod Radio Remote and had some unrelated issues. He was very understanding and help me to resolve the problem. Patient too. Thanks again.
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    Positive for iBop

    I sold him 2 $15 itunes cards and had some unrelated issues. He was very understanding and help me to resolve the problem. Patient too. Thanks again.
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    Alarm clock utilizing Playlists??

    I searched but couldn't find my answer. Anyway, I'm looking for an ipod alarm clock where I can go to sleep with music on at a quiet level but then set multiple alarms to wake up LOUD with a playlist containing alarm sounds that I made in MP3 form. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
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    FS: [Case] SwitchEasy CapsuleTouch

    I just got a SwitchEasy CapsuleTouch for the iPod Touch and I probably won't use it. It's brand new, no scratches no nothing. $30 and free ship. Thanks
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    Cannot Connect to Youtube

    The other thread is closed but I still haven't found a fix for why youtube isn't working. I tried the time/date change, mine was correct anyway. However I did see these when using Cuteftp8pro. I guess these could be related to "youtubeweb" from the installer? My touch is jailbroken on 1.1.1.
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    DLO Videoshell vs SwitchEasy Capsule Touch

    I can't decide, it's pretty much cheap and functional vs expensive and pretty. To be honest I don't really need a case because one the back of my touch is already scratched to hell and 2 I never really used cases anyway, I'm compelled to get one of these though. What do you guys think? BTW...
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    FS: 5G video BSE film

    Like it says BSE for sale... never used because I don't have a 5G anymore. $6 shipped
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    Apple Stuff

    I'm getting rid of all my Apple stuff... Here's what I got. 1g iPod Nano 2gb (MA099LL/A) w/ Best skin evar film - $80 note: Nano only 5g ipod Video 30gb (MA002LL/A) w/ Best skin...
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    Bluetooth issues...

    So yeah... I decided to plunge into the bluetooth world because of a couple reasons but the main one being Kalifornya's up coming ### cell phone law. :rolleyes: I bought the iTech Clip Radio and then a ipod bluetooth dongle (which I though could charge as I used it but no...) and finally my...
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    Can't get enough... The world needs to see this.
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    iJet for Nano... Is it worth it?

    So I came across this Is it the real deal and if so is it worth it? Thanks
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    Questions about 1 gen Shuffle... Can't search, again.

    Ok, so I guess I'm in the market for a 1st gen Shuffle because well they seem to be dirt cheap. I realize drag 'n drop is pretty much out of the question but I was wondering if this thing will do a couple of things. 1. If I were to get the dock adapter can I use my existing iPod accessories...
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    What's this...?

    I'm asssuming a search feature? Although I don't know how I got it because I don't have this on my 5G. It's not the new 5G either.
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    FS: Altec Lansing iM3c

    Well, it's time to sell my speakers because frankly I rarely use them. It's been lightly used for work at low volume. There's some typical fine scratches on the bottom since it is black but still it's in new condition. Asking $100 or best offer. Thanks for looking...
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    FS: Apple Care Plan for iPod

    I got this apple care plan for my 5g without realizing it wasn't eligible anymore... give me an offer.