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    FS: Apple Ipod 3G 15gb w/ dock, remote, and aftermarket case

    Included is the following: Ipod (back has been given a brushed steel look) remote dock AC adaptor firewire cable DLO white jam jacket silicone case all original documentation including box price is $215 shipped for US buyers and $290CND shipped for Canada buyers.Will trade for a creative muvo2...
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    Apple's Quality/Reliability/Workmanship flat out sucks.

    I have definetely been dissapointed with my iPod. Currently, I'm on my 3rd remote and 2nd ipod which has dozens of dead pixels on the left border of the screen. i think this is totally unacceptable for something that i spent $400 on. although replacement of the unit and accesories are VERY fast...
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    HELP - Alphabetizing song within artists

    for some reason i can't figure out how to alphabetize the songs within artists. when i browse thru them in ephpod they're alphabetized perfectly, however, on my ipod it's a whole different story. it seems as if they're being organized by album and then by name, even though i dont tag with album...
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    Positive for Pinkest Floyd

    quick payment, excellent communication. what else can you ask for in a buyer? highly recommended. thanks
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    FOR SALE: Asphalt Xskn-3 (eXo-2) for 15GB

    This is in *MINT* condition. Used for less than a week. Asking $22 OBO shipped which includes priority mail. I have feedback if you need it. I accept paypal and money orders/cashier checks.
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    xSkn-3 Full Review w/ Pictures

    First off, I have to say. Lajo was nice enough to let me test one of these cases out. So, THANKS! Anyway... First Look I recieved my asphalt xSkn-3 for my 15GB ipod last week. However, I was out of town until Sunday and just recently got a chance to play with it. When i got home, i was met...
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    FS: 3G Earbuds: $12 shipped

    these are brand new, still in their packaging. you can reach me thru PM or my email at [email protected] thanks
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    Brand New 15GB 3rd Gen Ipod For Sale - $370 shipped OR BEST OFFER!

    This ipod is still in its shrinkwrap. The model number is M8946LL/A. I'm asking $370. That includes 2-3 day shipping with insurance. However, I WILL CONSIDER ALL OFFERS! NOTE: I also have 1 set of apple earphones with foam buds still in packaging from my first ipod as well as the 6 pin to 4 pin...
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    Can't copy files off ipod to friend's computer....

    i copied some videos and other misc pics onto my ipod from my computer. my friend and i bought an adaptec firewire card for his computer, so i could transfer those files onto his computer. however, when i try to copy ANYTHING off of it, i get the following meesage: "Cannot Copy (file name here)...
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    HOT!!! 15GB ipods from Dell for $290, $316, or $325 SHIPPED!!

    Dell currently has a KILLER deal on ipods. this is the breakdown: 15GB ipod: $399 + whatever (anything to get it over $400) - 10% off software and peripherals (automatic) - $35 off $400 coupon (code is 86913675382A) - 10% off small business (if you can find one, if you're on dell's list, you...
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    Glitches in Brick

    ok fine, i'll admit it, i didn't buy the ipod to play games, but if they're on there, i expect them to work properly. anyway, if i'm playing brick and the ball is coming in low and fast and hits dead in either of the bottom corners, even if my paddle (the thing you hit the ball with) is there...
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    Ipod in VMA adds with Chris Rock

    umm this ad looks like a freaking apple add. i mean white background, singing guy with ipod in hand. yes it's a add for the upcoming VMAs. guess apple got a little boost in marketing....
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    Initial Impressions on DLO Jam Jacket

    Initial Impressions on my DLO Jam Jacket with PICS I was gonna get an EXO, but after all the problems people were having in actually getting them etc, and the fact that lajo was less than helpful in helping me get the color i wanted, i decided to go with the DLO Jam Jacket. Anyway, the case...
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    Wow!! Apple service is freaking awesome!!

    sunday night i filled out an online service form for my somewhat-defective ipod remote. basically, every so often, the left and right sound channels will come in and out randomly. anyway, it took me less than 10 minutes to fill it out. i clicked "submit" and then became confused by the lack of...
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    Screen protector for jam jackets....

    i've opted to get a jam jacket over the exo simply because it's cheaper and i hate how the exo docks. anyway, the only thing i don't like about the jam jacket, is that it doesn't have a screen protector. what would be the best thing suited for making a screen protector that would go underneath...