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    FS: iPad 2 16GB wifi with happy owl studio leather case - $420

    The ipad is in VG condition except for a tiny mark on corner (nowhere near screen). Includes box and cables as well as a happy owl studio leather case ($80 value). Use google checkout through my ecrater listing, it can take any CC/debit card and the transaction is protected: Apple iPad 2 - 16...
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    how to sell iphone 4 verizon? impossibel?

    I am past the one month period to return it.. I need the $$ I can get by selling it, which is like 500 bucks. will verizon switch my plan/data back to my old phone, and clear the ESN so I can sell this? my dad said they won't do it, that they would want the phone back. he said its an illegal...
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    WTB: Ipod mini VAJA CASE IVOD

    I am looking for a vaja case (any color) for my oldies ipod mini, please email me at if u can help, if you will only sell it together wtih your ipod mini i'll take it still
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    FS: ipad 64 GB not 3g- $680

    Ipad 64 GB for - $680. Bites to sell this but I got a couple bad runs of luck and I have to sell it now. Email me at: if you want it!
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    FS: why was my post deleted?

    i posted a WTB ipad and it was deleted
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    sell me your 64GB ipad

    email me at
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    FS: black ipod vid 5.5 gen 30 GB rockboxed

    asking for $125 ppal shipped, comes with clear skin, email at
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    WTB: Ipod 120-160 GB with VAJA case

    Let me know if you have one for sale!
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    could I do this with the iphone:

    I am a medical transcriber, so my doctor client will send me his dictations via email and I will type them up, so could I do that with iphone? So basically would attach a keyboard to the iphone, check my email and download the mp3, then play it, and type it up onto a word processing program...
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    FT: Black Ipod Classic 80 GB with agent 18 case - $210

    Received this for Christmas, it's in mint condition and went directly into the agent 18 case. This is an excellent ipod, filled with 30 gigs of music -- classic rock, classic prog, psychedelic + modern rock, contains the new mars volta album, the new radiohead, etc... I'll sell it for $195...
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    4 GB blue nano FT (2nd gen)

    I'll trade you my mint blue 4 GB 2nd generation Nano. Battery is still at full capacity. I am looking for a 60 GB ipod photo; I can throw in $25 if necessary. Thanks and let me know by PM. If the ipod comes in an orange white and black vaja case that would be even better!
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    4 GB Green Ipod Mini FS - $65

    I'm looking to sell my 2 year old 4 GB green ipod mini for $65 pay pal. It is in great condition and lightly scratched on the back. E-mail or PM me if interested.
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    FS: Ipod video 60 GB white

    Used ipod video; 60 GB white, excellent condition, about a year old. I will sell for $225 shipped, or trade for a 2nd gen ipod Nano (preferably black). E-mail or PM me!
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    want to buy: nano agent 18 case and dock

    I'd like to buy an agent 18 case for my ipod Nano, and/or possibly a dock which will plug into a wall, e-mail me at theclovur @ aol . com if you have one! thanks
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    want to buy: 30 GB ipod video case, and scratch remover

    My 30 GB black ipod video is scratched to #### for no reason... If anyone can spare some scratch remover, let me know your price I'd also like to buy a case to hold it. Agent 18? Maybe speck? I have pay pal