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    ATTN: Those familiar with logic boards, specifically of the 5.5 G

    Well Ive been having a lot of strange problems with my ipod lately (which you can read here ) and I just wanted to get a professional opinion here. Does the "black pool" around the cylinder in these photos mean that something burnt or melted and ruined my logic board...
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    80 GB 5.5g in black??

    I haven't had an iPod since the 3g when the front face had 4 led touch sensitive buttons (That design was and still is the best, imo. No moving parts...) I loved that thing, but since then I've moved on to a 60 GB Iaudio X5. I've had this thing for years... dropped it, knocked it, loaded it...
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    Play on X360 and charge at the same time?

    My brother has a 3G 15 GB iPod and he wants to be able to charge his iPod and play it on his Xbox 360 at the same time. He tried playing it on the console and it died after a while so apparently it's not charging it while connected. We found this,
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    3G 15 GB iPod Brushed Steel w/ Dock, xSkn, Maclear, Screen Protector

    Hi. I'm getting a new DAP soon because I need more space, which means I'll have to part with my current iPod. What I have is a 15 GB 3rd generation. It was rarely taken out of the house, used primarilly for home listening. ***GREAT CONDITION*** If and when it was ever taken out of the house...
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    Ehh...what if you don't remember when you bought it?

    I have a 3G and I'm definitely experiencing problems...but is there a way to find out when you purchased through serial code maybe?
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    Lowering the bitrate of my mp3s...

    This may sound weird, but I have a knack if my bitrates are anything below or above mp3s and I want them to be all equal especially since I'm running low on HD space, so I was wondering if there's a program that could do this for me. I'm somewhat afraid to do this in iTunes (if even possible)...
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    When Tagging Mp3's - if's, and's, or's, but's...

    I was looking for a program similar to Tag&Rename that will quickly filter out all the tags words like: of, the, a, with, et c. and make them lower-case. That seems to be the proper way to title things. Since I can't find one to my liking, I'm just seeking out general information from the...
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    ~5 GB to 500 mb? Help me get my space back!

    In one day, I went from about 5 gb of free space left, to about 500 mb left! Here is what I did that may have caused this, but still don't make sense. -"Sync" with EphPod -Download and install the new update -Made playlists for the first time (but the playlists were deleted soon after, and I...
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    My ER-6's

    Ordered them on the 24th at about 5 P.M. from ebay...they arrive the next morning. Amazingly fast shipping. Anyway, just a few quick questions about them. Is it normal for me to be getting a better seal/sound out of the rubber ones over the foamies? The foamies seem to be working horrible in my...
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    few questions about the er6's

    how is the cleaning issue with this? how often does the "filter" need to be replaced? does it get earwax in it really easy?
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    Itunes Screwed My Tags!

    I just installed iTunes to check it out and as soon as I plugged in my iPod my tags got all messed up. They are now how they were when I first got my mp3's from where ever and now I have incorrect genre's - the comments are back and/or missing - incorrect album titles - etc. Everything is now...
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    mac ipod for windows?

    im sure this is on here already, but my friend just bid on an apple ipod on ebay and he wasnt aware that it was for mac [2g] so the question is, can mac ipods be formatted to be used with windows computers, and how? sorry for not searching, i tried but there is only ~20 min. left on auction
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    Screen Protector Use?

    How do they work and stay in place? Are they supposed to stick or something?
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    Albums You MUST Have On Your iPod!

    I'll start it off by saying: If you own an iPod, you MUST have: The Beatles - 1
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    Volume Correction

    I was just wondering if there is an alternative to using MC9 to correct the volume levels for my music because I don't feel like reformatting my iPod and replacing all my music to get equal levels. Thanks in advance.