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    iPhone Xs Max loses cellular connection when I run

    I took the phone in and they replaced it. Their diagnostics found something wrong with it. However it's still happening, but not as often. I think it's my SIM card. It's not network coverage as my iPhone 7 never had that problem on the same routes. At least now when it happens it isn't a...
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    iPhone Xs Max loses cellular connection when I run

    That's the interesting thing. It happened when I ran time before last, but not yesterday, and I can't recreate it by shaking my phone. Yesterday I only ran 2 miles, but the first time it happened I lost connection about 1/3 a mile from home (my husband happened to be tracking me and he said my...
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    iPhone Xs Max loses cellular connection when I run

    I'm a runner, among other things, and I noticed that the last time I went out for a long run (13 miles) my new iPhone would not keep cellular connection. I got a message that there was no SIM card. I restarted at a pit stop and it came back up, but lost connection again at some point. This has...
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    iPhone 4 pausing on playback CONSTANTLY

    I'm restoring it right now, so let's hope that's it. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Started up a few days ago. I was running and it would just stop playing. I'd stop, look at it (after waiting for the phone call to come through, thinking that was it) and it would be paused...
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    iTunes Update NOTHING but problems

    Now I consider myself a pretty savvy computer user. I teach IT courses. I've used computers since I was a kid. I've had an iPod since generation two, and have always used iTunes. Last update I went ahead and updated iTunes. A bit later I came back to my computer and iTunes had stopped working...
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    Nike+ Mileage Off Since Update

    Today I ran about 14 miles, but when I looked at my Nike+ it said 22.36 miles. So I looked back at the history and ALL my mileage is off. Sunday was 27 miles, but it said 42. Tuesday was five miles, but it said eight. I updated my firmware yesterday so obviously that's the culprit...
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    Nike+ Issue

    I use my Nano for running with the Nike+. I noticed this happened this weekend and thought it was frozen. I reset the entire thing at mile 17 of a 20 mile run (no, I'm not kidding...way bummed I lost that as it would have put me ahead in some challenges). Anyhow, I notice that if I start Nike+...
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    Swimming with a Pod

    I have a 4th Gen iPod that I love, Toady. Sadly, Toady has gone blind. I was running with him in a four mile out and back when I was hit with a really horrible rainstorm. He'll play, but nothing on the screen. He's been replaced with an iPod video, but for all intents and purposes, he's still a...
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    Why iPods are Better Than Men

    I wrote this for a friend of mine who has just been indoctrinated into the cult with a new Nano: For all us iPodians... 1) You can turn an iPod on with a touch of a button. (Oh can do that with a man too.) 2) You can turn an iPod OFF with the touch of a button. 3) Your iPod will...
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    Videora: Vocal track out of synch

    I've downloaded the Videora iPod converter and have converted a few shows from Tivo. The first one was WAY out of synch. Commercials were playing and the audio track from the show was still going on. I poked around and found a suggestion to change the setting to MP-4/320x240/768/128 Did that...
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    Fall run in the more video

    I've got a 4g 40GB iPod who is my best friend and running partner. I took him for a nice long walk in the rain yesterday. It wasn't raining when I left but 2 miles out of a 4 mile out and back, it poured. He didn't so much as hiccup, but when I got home he was damp. I set him on end to let the...
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    iPod randomly turns itself ON

    I have a 4gen 40gb iPod that turns itself on. I can recreate the problem. I listen in my car. I get to Starbucks. I turn the iPod off. Double check. Leave it plugged into the tape player thingy. Go into Starbucks and order a grande drip. After about 30 minutes I come out caffed up and ready...
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    still frustrated with iPod and Audible

    Don't get me wrong, I love them both. I use my iPod mostly for listening to books while I work out, so every day I listen to books. I cannot activate my iPod in the Audible software. I can upload using iTunes, which works quite well...BUT when I recharge it still loses my bookmarks, no matter...
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    Losing playlists

    The other night I was synching up for the billion and second time and when I dismounted myPod I went to playlists, nuttin'. They weren't there. They had been. Any idea how to fix this when it happens again? I just reformatted and resynched, but that was no biggie with 250 songs. With...
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    Popping sound on ripped songs

    I know this isn't iPod's fault or MC's fault, but I have a few songs I've ripped that are just so full of pops and "thumping" that they are unlistenable! Is there any fix for this? I'm assuming it's from a bad spot on the CD or something. Any programs that clean it up?