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    Songs sync but no playlist?

    I have two smart playlists that I want to sync onto my iPod touch. Since I manually manage my music via playlist I made sure the playlists I want synced are checked and everything syncs great except for two of my playlist. There are two that are not appearing on my iPod touch, the songs seem to...
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    Visualhub Conversion

    I recently bought an iPod Touch and am converting videos to put on it. I find that when I convert a 669mb movie, the end result produces a 1.97 gig file. Am I doing something wrong? I'm only using the default "high" quality setting with h.264 checked. What setting do you recommend? I'd really...
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    why aren't some .avi files converting?

    Hello, I just recently got my 5g 30 gig and I wanted to convert some of my avi files; however, while some converted flawlessly others didn't. I've tried about three programs, in videora it completes insanely fast (and doesn't work), in PSP express it makes my screen blink black and then puts out...
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    Smart Playlist Question

    Hello, I've recently re-organized my music library on my computer (it took forever to rename and tag everything x.x;. Now that everything on my iPod is correctly tagged, I found making smart playlists was a more efficient way to create playlist. My question is... Say hypthetically, my iTunes...
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    Alarm doesn't sound

    hello I have a 4th gen 20 gig iPod everything works great but when I set the alarm and turn the alarm on and set the sound to my alarm playlist it doesn't play the songs it just turns the iPod on. I do plug it into speakers though does this effect anything?
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    How do i back up my iPod?

    I was wondering how to back up my iPod, it may be a really dumb and simple question but I'm not really computer savy :confused: I tried searching for it but I keep getting this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 129 bytes) in...