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    can i have my picture removed?

    hey i posted this picture in the gallery, but now i want to have it taken down. could a moderator or someone who has the admin privlidges take it down for me? thanks Jason
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    pull lyrics out of a song?

    does anyone know of a way to pull the vocals out of say, an mp3, leaving only the instrumentals?
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    Trivia for a free Pepsi iTunes code!

    Hey, Guys! I have a winning Pepsi-iTunes cap code for the first forum member who posts the correct answer to the following 3-part trivia question: What did I specifically do to my iPod to put it out of comission for nearly an entire month? What is my real name? (First and Last, spelled...
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    Ultimate soultion when updater wont mount iPod

    This is an absolute last-resort soultion for when your ipod is not recognized by either iTunes or the iPod updater, even when put into disk mode. I am posting this only as a tutorial. I am not responsible for you breaking into your own iPod. I had to do this when i modded the iPod's 'iPod'...
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    Post your favorite album art!

    Simple as that. post your favorite cover art. (just so it's clear, I want to see your favorite cover art, not your favorite album. your decision should be purely based artistically, and not because you prefer the artist/band) here's a couple to get the ball rolling:
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    another reason why napster blows its chance

    ok, so i downloaded napster to give it a look-see. i signed up for their 14-day free trial of Naptser-To-Go, using PayPal as my funds source. But now, no matter what I do, I cannot sign in to Napster. It isn't a matter of my login being invalid, but the fact that I can't even get to the login...
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    use your iPod with Napster-to-go

    want the all-you-can-eat of napster-to-go for your ipod? just follow the directions at this link, and you'll be set to go. 0. Download and install Napster, sign up for 14 day free trial. 1. Download and install Winamp 2. Download and install...
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    what apple thinks about the mac mini

    i saw this in the photo address of the mac mini on apple's site. i thought it was interesting. noting the file name is hero20050111.jpg and the alternate text is Mac mini Hero while all the other images in the gallery are named...
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    ipodlounge bookmark logo changed

    since the upgrade to the new servers last night, the ipodlounge had recieved a new bookmark logo (attached) just calling it to your attention. im assuming that it's not my system, but something to do with the new servers. if im wrong, let me know!
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    PittNews and the iPod

    The Pitt News, a newspaper that reports on news occuring in and around the University of Pittsburgh, has an article about the iPod and all the trendy kids who want to be as popular as they can
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    iPod shuffle obsession? here, this is for you

    i was just screwin around. i made a little shuffle wallpaper for those of you who can't get enough of the new iPod shuffle (Lord knows I can't) it's 1024x768. i just stole an image off of apple's site and did some MSpainting enjoy!
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    iPod Shuffle TV Ad Theme Song

    just because i know people will want to know what the theme song for the iPod Shuffle TV ad is... Caesars - Jerk it Out enjoy!
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    share your graphics for ipod hacking!

    i thought this would be nice. we can post the .bmp files that we have use to hack our ipods in one nice big thread. here are the ones i have used thus far, for hacking the 'do not disconnect' and 'ok to disconnect' screens:
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    a touchwheel touchscreen is not likely IMO

    just so everyone's aware of my 2 cents... if apple were to design the alleged flash ipod to have a touchscreen touch wheel, it would completely go against the rules of ergonomics. one of the most important factors in ergonomic design is the visibility of the display. if the user has to cover...
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    here comes the 80gb ipod....

    80gigs, baby! expected to ship by Q3, 2005 (the drive, not the ipod. who knows if apple will even use them yet, but come on.... 80 gigs, baby! YEAH!)