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    No Longer Hear Notifications thru Bluetooth Speaker

    thanks but i should point out that the new phone’ IOS was just recently updated in an attempt to fix it. It did not fix the problem. I don’t know the version that was in the phone before updating but it hadn’t been updated since my purchase in December.
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    No Longer Hear Notifications thru Bluetooth Speaker

    New phone is 13.3.1 old phone is 13.3
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    No Longer Hear Notifications thru Bluetooth Speaker

    So I got my OLD iphone7 (my daughter inherited it from me!) and did a test. That one, when connected to a BT speaker, WILL make an audible notification thru the speaker when a text is received. My NEW iphone7 will NOT! I went thru EVERY setting side by side and everything is identical but yet...
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    No Longer Hear Notifications thru Bluetooth Speaker

    Yes. All notifications work properly when not connected to Bluetooth. However no sounds other than ring when connected to BT
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    No Longer Hear Notifications thru Bluetooth Speaker

    Before, when listening to music thru my Bluetooth speaker, the music would be interrupted with alerts for incoming calls and texts. NOW, it only happens for calls but NOT for texts. I'm not sure why and can't find any solutions online. NOTE: The info button next to the speaker's name does not...
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    Sharing Contacts and Calendars

    I posted this question a few years ago but I'm trying again in the event recent updates have solved this... Me and my wife both have iphone 7's. Currently we use the same Apple ID on both. This enables us to share our contacts and calendars. If either of us adds a contact or event, it...
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    Play Songs & Albums Continuously on Iphone?

    Two questions about continuous playback on my iphone music app... 1. If I call up an artist that has several albums, I can hit the PLAY button on the top of that artist's page and the phone will play ALL the albums in sequence. Awesome! But, If I stop after a while then later wish to continue...
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    This Computer Already Associated With ID

    I've seen many postings about the message THIS COMPUTER IS ALREADY ASSOCIATED WITH AN APPLE ID but each is different, as is mine. The events that lead to this are a bit complex so I don't know exactly how it happened or what to do. I purchased a "Greatest Hits" album from itunes. It downloaded...
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    Correct Way To Share Pics & Calendar

    For a couple of years me and my wife’s phones have shared calendars and photo stream successfully. But I suspect we are going about it the wrong way and I'm not sure how to correct it. Right now we BOTH are signed onto icloud with MY username and password. However, now that our daughter has an...
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    Sync Phone's iTunes to New PC

    I haven't synced my phone to my computer for over 2 years now that I set up the auto backup to icloud. But I want to update the music on my phone so I want to sync to the itunes on my new PC and can't. I only want to sync the music which is a playlist on my PC's itunes. When I first connected...
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    Update Library on Two PC's

    Saw many posts about this but want to be sure I can accomplish my objective before I try anything. I have a desktop at home and a laptop for work/travel. I want my libraries on both to match exactly. I often import tracks from home-made CD's and go into "get info" to change & customize things...
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    Sync Bookmarks With Google Chrome

    For quite a while I kept my bookmarks synced successfully between my iPhone 6, my iPad, along with the Google Chrome browsers on my Windows 8 Desktop and Laptop PC's. Recently, however (since Sept. ios update) they are all messed up! The biggest problem is duplicates, but also there are both...
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    Keeping Photostream Happy on Multiple Devices

    When photostream works I love it. I can keep photos from all my family's devices in my desktop PC hard drive without the need to continually sync. BUT there are two issues. 1. My Windows 8 PC doesn't get ALL the pics. It randomly ceases to receive from all devices and I have to go thru an...
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    Tips For Organizing Music

    I've garnered so much info from this forum that I thought I'd give back and offer some neat ideas I've used to help me get my music organized on my PC's iTunes. My library has all of my music, but it also has my wife's and daughter's. It was cumbersome to scroll thru the entire library when I...
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    Messed Up While Creating New Library

    Boy I messed things up somehow! I recently bought a new PC and successfully transferred my music, artwork, and ratings. Then I wanted to create a second library so I could separate my wife/daughter's music from mine. That was successful too. But when trying to open itunes with MY library (the...