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    Philips Philips DCP850/37 (w/iPod Dock) Get it in person!

    I ordered one of these units from recently, and the video performance from the iPod dock was horrible. I thought it had to be an aberration since I saw the photos in iLounge's review and their video dock performance was completely acceptable. I emailed with 7 people that had this...
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    New computer, lost itunes database

    OK, I have a new machine, and I lost the database (.itl and .xml) files that make up the itunes information. SO...if I attach my ipod and try to autosync, I will lose the playlists I worked so hard to make. Fine. I can remake them. What I refuse to lose are the playcounts and ratings...
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    Review of SendStation PocketDock

    New review of the SendStation PocketDock up at
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    John Kerry: iPod lover?

    MODS: Not a political statement of any kind. I saw this photo on CNN today: I assume you all can see it! Hey, it made me chuckle. :)
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    iTunes Lossless test

    I tested 4 tracks today. Gear: 3G iPod > Sik Imp > Custom Headsave interconnect > Headsave MiniMe > Shure E5s Songs: Seal: Killer (Seal 1994) Godsmack: Touche (The Other Side) Diana Krall, S'wonderful (Live in Paris) Armin Van Buuren, The Sound of Goodbye File formats: WAV, MP3s (--alt...
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    Review: SiK Imp

    New review up at
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    Battery problem?

    I suppose it's bad that my battery only lasts two hours now? Is there anything I can do to try to improve it before I call Apple? 3G 40GB, 2.1, for the record...
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    Senn PX200s mini-review

    Just finished it up.
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    Interesting effect with LONG file

    I have a 4-hour DJ set encoded in 256K MP3. It's the longest file I have come across so far. Seeking on the iPod is next to starts to skip and actually locks up. However... I converted it to 128K AAC, and it seeks just fine. A *tiny* bit laggy, but no skipping. What do you...
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    Article about music services

    Just a little piece, in case you're interested...
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    Review: Shure E3c
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    Question for Vaja iVod owners

    Can you sync in the case if you pop the dock cover off?
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    No pictures yet...I'm working on lighting and so forth for the reviews I will be doing for a tech site. Those will come later. The review: The iSkin exo2 comes with the usual collection of products, only these are little different. The clear zip case is the older, stiff TPU plastic that was...
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    iPod wallpaper

    Just threw this together, thought some people might want it. Here's a really low-quality sample. You can get the real thing here.