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    Hi All, I haven't been on this forum for circa 6 years due to giving up with ITunes. However I now have a phone with a bigger memory so though why not get some music back on your phone? I tried syncing with the old library without success, asked the kids but they use online apps now. Can I...
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    Sync problems

    Hi all, After a few years of piling album after album onto my ipod i decided to clean up. After selecting all songs/albums i wanted i am only left with the albums i added most recently! Is it related to what check boxes i tick when syncing? Driving me nuts, any help will be much...
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    Lost library --- Help

    Hi, Recently i cleaned up my hard drive and put all music onto an external hard drive, yep when i synced the ipod today i have lost everything. How do i get everything back?
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    Skype on Iphone

    Hello again all, I have a 'network locked' 3G 8g Iphone. I have been told that if i use Skype i will be able to use it as a phone again as opossed to an expensive MP3 player. Can anyone confirm that this works? Will i be able to keep my own number? Do i have to have a wi-fi connection to...
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    Library problem

    Hi again all, Both my kids have Ipod classics and both devices have been well stocked up with their favourite tracks from the same library. I have just got an iphone and have tried filling with the same tracks, unfortunately from the 2000+ tracks only 600 or so transfer over. There is an...
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    Applications sync problem

    Hi, I have downloaded a few applications (games) from i store and they show in the applications tab. Problem is i cannot get them from there to the ipod. I have read the FAQ's etc and followed all suggestions, there should be a 'sync applications' option but this doesn't appear. Please...
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    'Folder not found' ???

    Hi again, When trying to transfer music to I Pod I get the error message 'folder not found' then the sync process stops. Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers,
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    Newbie help

    Hi All, I have been reading posts on this board since Xmas day and found almost evry answer to the queries i had. However, I have this one small concern after reading a post about the cost to upload all the music from your PC library to I tunes :eek: After intially connecting the IPod to my...