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    Where to download iTunes 4.7.1?

    Hi Im having problems with iTunes 4.8. Where can I download iTunes 4.7.1 US version? Thanks....
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    Bug? iTunes 4.8, I can't change import quality...

    Hi all I recently updated to iTunes 4.8, 4.7 was working fine no problems. I just bought a new cd and wanted to import it to iTunes. I tried changing the quality to 192 AAC. But all the time it goes back to 128 all by itself... It's the same with MP3 format... it goes back to 160 by itself...
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    iTunes and Evil-lyrics?

    Does anyone have any expirience using the song lyrics programme Evillyrics with iTunes? It says on the website that it has iTunes support, which it does have, but you need to install a plug-in to iTunes which makes the menu (file, edit...) disappear. Anyone...
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    iPod 4th gen rumours...

    check out "Appleinsider cites "reliable" sources and reports that Apple is readying the 4th Generation iPods. The upcoming iPods reportedly sport a max capacity of 50GB of storage, 2 inch color LCDs, video out, photo display capabilities, and revised...
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    Good closed headphones?

    Can anyone recommend some good closed headphones? Sonys? Sennheisers? The price must be reasonable, I'm NO DJ, It's just for listening at home. So I'm not looking for some PRO headphones. What do you say? :)
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    Apple store top sellers, iPod now #2

    For the last couple of months the iPod mini has been the #1 seller at Apple's online store,, while the regular iPod hasn't even been among the top 20 best selling products. Now, suddently, after the mini was released the regular iPod...
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    Recreation of the iPod mini forum

    Pls recreate the iPod mini subforum which was lost in the crash. I expect alot of mini posts in the near future.
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    Two iPods one computer

    Is it possible (using iTunes) to have two music libraries on 1 computer and have each iPod sync it's own library? Btw: I'm using Win XP. Pls post if you know or have any ideas how to do this.
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    My iPod is skipping songs, freezing

    Hey all! I got a 10 gig 2nd gen (touchwheel, no dock). I bought it brand new in April this year. I've been very satisfied with it, but now it's having some HD problems. It skips songs and freezes. I did a test of the iPod. I started a song, let it play for 10-20 secs (untill the HD spins down)...
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    New iPod (20&40 gig) harddrives...

    Hey, does anyone know which brand the HDs in the new iPods are? Is it still Toshiba? It's just that Toshiba doesn't show the 40 gig on their webpage:
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    Windows 1.3 firmware available

    @ link:
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    Sound check?

    What does the "sound check" option do in the iPod settings menu? (my winpod has the 1.2.6 firmware). I tried enabling it, but I don't think it made a difference?
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    The SYNC feature in Ephpod is GREAT!!

    Just found this feature and tried it out... I just select my 2 music folders (one of them on the network) and Ephpod automatically syncs all of the files (incl. files in subdirectories)... That's very easy... Do you other people use it too?
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    Why is my mp3s quiet?

    When I rip and compress my mp3s (I use EAC/LAME/VBR-extreme) they get very quiet compared to the original cd. Especially when i plug my iPod to the stereo. So is it possible to rip the songs lounder (as the original sourse is)??
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    Anybody can get the "NEWS" thingy to work in Ephpod?

    Only the slashdot news works for me. Is there any other news programmes for the ipod available??