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    FT Airport Express

    New. Used only three times. Willing to trade for a nano in good shape plus some bucks from me. Let me know...
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    podcast addict

    for those podcast addicts, check out yahoo as an alternative way to find new podcasts:
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    Cool & Funky podcasts only ...

    My fav cool&funky podcast is Ritmo Latino. It has all sorts of latin-related music. From hip hop (Los Amigos) to old school (Mel Torme). Take a listen... I guarantee you will subscribe or at least download a few episodes for those dinner parties, etc. Please feel free to add to this thread...
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    odd podcasting error

    Not all of my video podcasts are synching up from itunes. I keep getting an error and itunes telling me to go to this website for info but the website doesn't work: help!
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    podcast harddrive space

    Do podcasts take up space on my laptop? or are they stored on the itunes website? wondering if i should be concerned about saving too many podcasts on my computer hard drive
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    error downloading videos

    I can buy and download songs no problem. But I am having an error downloading an itunes music video purchase. This is the error I receive: 0xFFFE7958 I've tried checking for purchased music under the advanced tab 10 times and it's still not working.
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    videora help avi to mpeg4

    I am trying to convert video clips from my camera - canon sd400 - which are 2 minute avi films using videora. I covert the video and it appears as an mpeg4 in my videora programs file but when I click play, the sound only comes through. There is no video. Can someone help me with this...
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    new ipod palm pilot

    I am hazarding a guess that the next new development will be an ipod palm pilot because everyone here is clamoring for bluetooth. I would guess it would have bluetooth, the capability to zoom in on photos similar to digital cameras, connect to a cell phone to make calls via bluetooth, send...
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    3g Lovers - are you going to upgrade to the 5g?

    I love my 3g despite its battery problems. Luckily my job is such that I'm always near an outlet and have a short commute. it also works for my workouts. i've held off upgrading bc I love the look of the 3g with its lit up buttons. I am wondering if there are other 3g afficianados who are...
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    imojo rocks! I've been using this for a couple of months now. It works great for running and for simply walking around town. The cord wrap takes up the excess cord. I recommend it for athletes and non-athletes alike. It's a nice alternative to the cord and it's super-comfy. Highly...
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    should I keep my 3G?

    I'd like to get the photo ipod 30 Gb. My 3G 20Gb is almost full and I like the idea of actually using the photos I take instead of depositing them onto my laptop never to be looked at again. But I have a current 20GB and am wondering should I: (a) keep it - but I don't need the portable hard...
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    iphoto purchase questions

    I have a 3G 20gb ipod. It's almost full, about 2Gb away. I'm thinking of selling this one and upgrading to the photo. I have a couple of Qs: 1. If you fill the iphoto with 25,000 pictures, how may gb are left over for music? 2. Can I use google's picasa program to load pictures? 3...
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    not thrilled with lajo skin for the shuffle

    I am not particularly thrilled with lajo's skin for the shuffle. I bought the ones with the open controls (no covered). My initial impressions: the rubber is thick so it makes the shuffle a little bit bigger - not too bulky. But the skin definitely takes away the sleekness of the shuffle on...
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    my idea re new ipod

    voice activation for song, artist, creating a playlist, etc. for times while driving or unable to use hands.
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    shuffle clip - cord control

    Wasn't there a shuffle clip that also included a cord control option? I recall when the shuffle was first announced, some company had designed a clip that wrapped the cord while it was not in use. Anyone have the website?