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    The artwork on my iTouch doesn't match the artwork in iTunes. Ive even opened itunes to reattached the album covers that are wrong on the iTouch and resynced but it is still the same, has anyone come across this before?
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    iPod Classic or iPod touch

    I currently have a 16gb iTouch but I have over 24gb of music (and counting) so I am looking for a replacement, Initially I was thinking 64gb iTouch but at over £350 I think that they are way over priced so I am taking a look again at the classic, the 120gb is a much more reasonable £177. Having...
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    iTunes showing multiple album art for one album

    I am sure others have had this issue but i cannot remember the solution, I could "wing" it when we could see the album artwork view in iTunes but since in their wisdom they removed that handy view I cannot remember how to do it, hopefully someone can help. I have an album by various artists...
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    new ipod

    I currently have a 16gb iTouch and I am thinking of either getting a 64gb iTouch or going back to a 160gb classic. In terms of playback quality are they the same? I heard somewhere once that the classic was the better unit. I dont really use my current iTouch for anything other than music
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    track names

    I have a question, in my itunes library I have a folder called goa trance, in it the names of teh tracks are track 1, track 2 and so on, there are no lyrics to do a search on to see if i can find the album, is there any service or way taht I can try an pin down this album name?
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    playlists reappear after deletion

    I have about 7 or 8 playlists that appear in iTunes, I delete them and then when I do file > add folder to Library> iTunes music folder to re-load all my tunes back in (as i am altering meta data on various tracks too) these playlists reappear again and i don't know why. I moves the libraries...
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    iTouch information sync issues

    ok, This may be a little complicated so ill break it down into workable parts. The song information i have on my iTouch is different to the information within iTunes even though I have performed a sync. basically I have a music server and I rip my CDs on that to both a FLAC and MP3 format, I...
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    ripping CDs

    I want to re-rip my CDs for my iTunes but I understand that the MP3 decoder in iTunes isnt all that, are there any recommendations for a ripper than i can use so i can then transfer the files into my itunes library. I did start using vortexbox which is great for FLAC files played via the...
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    merging tracks

    I am not sure if this is possible in iTunes but I may be wrong. I have two tracks, one is about 1 minute long and really mixes in to track two which is over 6 minutes long, is there a way of ensuring that when i shuffle the tunes in itunes (or on my itouch) that track 1 will always play before...
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    CD Backups

    I am wanting to rip all my CDs to put onto a music media server. I have read about a solution called vortexbox which is based on a linux system. it will rip the CD to FLAC, and MP3 as well as pull down album art etc too. I just wondered if there was any software like this for the PC? Thanks
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    db volume

    On my home AV amp, when i turn the volume up and down i get a numeric display showing me the db level (at least its interpretation of it), i would like to see this on the iTouch rather than moving a coloured bar left to right i would like a visual display of how loud this is in terms of DB...
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    what headphones to choose?

    I have a budget of about £80 and am looking for some closed headphones, maybe Senheisser but will consider other brands. the only stipulations are: they are closed they have the 3.5 phono jack (small connection) to go straight into my itouch without a adaptor a decent cable length £80 or less...
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    album artwork

    Sometimes when I buy music online and download it will have the tracks and a couple of jpgs for album art in the actual folder that i download. When I add this to iTunes it also adds the album artwork into itunes too and hence onto the itouch. this is done automatically without me having to add...