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    Positive: Josh Reid

    Purchased this item from this seller here on ebay. He left feedback for me before I left it for him which is rare for sellers today. Item arrived very quickly and was very well packed. The iPod and boxes are in incredible condition. Even included an Apple bag! Thanks, it'll look great in my...
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    WTB: Old iPods

    I'm willing to buy old iPods that come with all or mostly all of the original accessories and packaging. I'm sure it's a bit stupid but I want to keep a collection of all of the generations of the iPods. I do require the iPods be in acceptable condition and preferably work but all offers will be...
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    iPod Parts

    WTS: 3G iPod Parts - Mobo & HD Cable I just recently went through the effort of repairing my 3G iPod.... I spent about $190 bucks on all the parts and found that I could have spent about $20 for a USB cable instead. Anyway I'm taking offers for the parts I purchased and have left. I have...
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    iPod Settlement Update

    I'm not sure how many people have noticed this, but Apple has appealed the settlement and it's likely going to be at least another year before we see are money/gift cards. iPod Settlement
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    Agen18 Case and InvisibleShield

    I've been trying to get this answered for a while now, but I was wondering if anyone with the invisible shield has tried putting their nano into the Shield case by Agent18. I contacted Agent18 and they said that their case fits snug so the iPod won't move around. Has anyone tried this?
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    FS: Brand New Sealed, 20 GB 4th Gen iPod

    Sold!: Brand New Sealed, 20 GB 4th Gen iPod This is a brand new SEALED 4th generation 20 GB iPod. I'm looking for 275 and I'll ship it to you for free ($5.00 extra for insurance). It'll arrive in factory new condition and your hands will be the first to touch its shiny surface. Offer is on a...
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    What's the craziest thing you've done to care for your ipod?

    I just got my iPod in my mail today... and I went out and bought turtle wax to protect the back along with a cover for it.. anyone done similar seemingly crazy things for your ipod?
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    Looking for a case...

    Hello All , I'm a proud new owner of an 3G 15 GB ipod, and I want to keep it looking as nice as possible. I've read many forum posts about cases and I can't really decide on one. It seems like the i-skins are really popular, but I just don't like the idea of not being able to easilly remove...