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    Case-mate Iphone 4 Fuel Max

    I would not recommend this case to anyone. I am on my second case in less then a month and it's broken all ready. The case usb plug is not strong enough to hold up to pluging in and removing the cable. The only thing holding it in is the solider to the mother board and that's to connect 4 wires...
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    iPhone OS 3.0 and Bluetooth question

    Ok I admit it, I don't have a clue when it comes to bluetooth head sets. That being said I got a couple questions thought I would ask them here. With the new OS does that mean I can do stereo bluetooth and hear music and phone calls thru them ? I have a friends that can do dialing with...
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    quickpwn and bluetooth

    Ok i took the plunge and quickpwned my iphone 3g patched to 2.2 after some installs and uninstalls I got everything working right expect for my bluetooth. It will not turn on no matter what I try. Is this normal or did I mess something up. Please don't post you shouldn't of quickpwn your phone...
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    Switcheasy Rebel / revoClip question

    Does any body out there have both items and do they work together. I have a switcheasy rebel and really like it, but I would like to be able to carry my iphone clipped to my belt while I am working. If they work together that would be a great combo. What has anyone used with the rebel to carry...
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    AT&T has announced that they are now offering free Wi-Fi

    Yeps that's right folks they are even spamming txt messages about it. check out ATT's web site for more info Shameless
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    What is the icon circled in yellow Can anyone tell me what the icon is circled in yellow in this picture It's in the upper right can corner to the left of the bluetooth icon Shameless
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    Do you have to restore alot ?

    I found my self having to restore a lot. Out of the blue my apps would stop working and crash back to screen at app start up. My phone would say I had music but itunes on the phone would say it was all gone. The only apps i could run where those built in the phone when I bought it like stocks...
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    Iphone 3g speak issue

    Iphone 3g speaker issue From what I Can tell there is 2 speakers at the bottom of the iphone that you can play music thru, listen to calls thru and hear voice mail thru. I was messing with my iphone while playing music and covered my left speak up and the music went away. I covered the right...
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    Positive Feedback for ktjensen

    Got item as promised thanks allot. My son will love it.
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    Dock Extender when Ipod is in a case

    Great news for those who want to keep there ipod in the case and hook it to some type of docking stations check out this link While the price seems alittle high to me, they say it will work with any type of case or docking station. I am going to pick one up to see...
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    Iskin Claro Horror

    So I ordered an iskin Claro and skin pack wait my 5 business days, and no mail. So I call iskin yesterday and ask about my order they say they have no record of my order but later that day my claro arrives. When I get it and open it up I was like you got to be kidding me the top part of the...
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    IPhone Case

    For all those that have been wondering about an IPhone case. Here is a link to a site that has one, or is going to have one I should say. Shameless
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    Strangerthings PodCast a must see Check out and subscribe to the pod cast. This is a made for popcast movie coming up. The first one is going to be based on a Scott Sigler short story, with another made for podcast movie coming up right after that. You can...
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    Exporting Album Art.

    I been searching the forums for a couple days now and can’t find an answer to my question. What I would like to export my album art to *.bmp or *.jpg. I haven’t found a program that will let me do that. Does anyone know a way to do this with out having to manually save each file one at a...