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    FS: 2nd gen, 10gb ipod

    Hey everyone, I'm selling my 2nd gen 10gb ipod so I can buy MY friends 3rd gen after searching it on ipodlounge for MONTHS!!. The condition is great (except of course the light back scratches that every ipod owner knows about after using it for ONE day!). It's in 100% working order, and there...
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    WTB: 3rd Gen, 10gb/15gb ipod

    I'm looking for a 3rd gen 10gb or 15gb ipod. Here are the qualities i'm looking for: - 100% perfect working condition. - Good condition, I don't really mind scratches nor bumps. - Original Packaging and Accessories (a dock would be nice too) - Shipped to Toronto, Canada. PM me w/ offers...
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    WTB: 3rd gen Ipods, Any Size

    Hey everyone, I've tried alot of times, but I've decided to try one last time before I do it again in a couple of months. I'm still trying to find a very reasonable 3rd gen priced ipod. It just has to be in perfect working condition, and the look on it also must be reasonable, like no dents and...
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    WTB: Apple Ipod 2nd, or 3rd Gen.....So you can buy your new 4th GEN! =)

    Hey Everyone, I'm trying to find an Ipod for my g/f, so here I am in search of one. Here is what i'm looking for. - 2nd gen, 3rd gen, or minis (no matter what size the harddrive is) - MUST come with original packaging (I cant just give her the ipod) - Original Accessories would be nice (she...
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    Buyers BEWARE!! corrupt has struck AGAIN!

    Hey everyone!! [email protected] has struck AGAIN! he was trying to sell me his ipod 3rd gen 10gb, and his blue ipod mini, and he even showed me a "pic" of it too!! all for a MEASSSLY payment of 400CND!! u believe that? hahaha He actually changed his name and made another account called...
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    Want money for 4g? Sell me your 3rd gens!

    Hey ipodloungers, I'm actually also interested in buying your ipods as well. However I am from Canada, so I only handle in CND money. Anyways I have around 200CND in my paypal account. So just shoot me with offers =) Take care guys, thanks for looking Darryl
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    **** Question about the 4th generation ipod wanters ***

    Hey everyone! As everyone probably knows, the 4th gen is coming out. So I just wanted to ask everyone how much they are willing to pay for a Brand new package of the 4th generation 20gb OR 40gb ipod, with warranty and whatever it originally comes with. Because I might be getting some, and...