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    Cheated by Lex the Bookworm!!

    So I'm playing Bookworm and I finally get it worked out so that I have EXHIBITIONER spelled out with plenty of those primo jeweled tiles to really rack up the score. Figuring I have it in the bag, I move tiles until I have an S to make it EXHIBITIONERS...except when I go to click that final...
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    SendStation PocketDock up to snuff

    Just wanted to say I've had the SendStation PocketDock for a week now, and it works like a charm. Now I can go back to using my iPod occasionally as a firewire drive w/o having to lug around the durn dock. Nice.
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    Excellent experience with Apple repair service

    Recently the audio on my g3 ipod started crackling and then losing sound to the left ear. I trace this problem to the remote and went to my local Apple store to have it replaced. Although they said they didn't have any remotes in stock, the guy came back out with one (unwrapped) and said "try...
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    Maclear and iShades disappointments

    Actually, I love the concept but in both cases, the execution just hasn't been too great. I've had the Maclear for about 3.5 months and barely used it (as my scuffy l'il iPod can attest). I never put anything in it but a skinned g3 iPod. Despite that, I discovered yesterday that the zipper...
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    Okay, so let's hear from those who've actually received their skins. If you include the date you ordered, the date you received, and where shipped to, that would help too. I got the white frost one for my 15GB. Ordered July 10, received July 25, NYC. No screen protector yet, but I did get...
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    Whatever happened to the Burton Amp jacket?

    Anyone actually own one? I remember when they came out, but there hasn't been a peep about them since that. I imagine this is due to the price and the questionable need for a dedicate iPod jacket, but I'm curious nonetheless.
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    Good bets for jpop lovers?

    Anybody into Japanese pop? I've got one Ayumi Hamasaki (sp?) song and a few by Utada Hikaru. In fact, any kind of modern Japanese music that people might like would be great. This sort of thing is difficult to search for when you don't know what to look for.
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    iSleep Pillow

    File this under "Totally Frivolous": When I my brother was 15 or so, he cobbled together two soda bottle bottoms with a battery-powered radio. This whole assembly fit into my pillow so I could fall asleep to the classical radio station. Enter, the "iSleep Pillow"! A nice, fluffy pillow with...
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    No more spaghetti...gawd!

    This has probably been mentioned thousands of times, but I didn't see it in the first couple of pages so... Shortern the d*mn headphone wires already! Nobody could possibly have a torso long enough to require the majority of the length they put on that sucker...even without the remote's...
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    How to transfer ownership of iPod correctly?

    I'm selling my iPod and am not sure of how to transfer ownership. I've registered the pod under my own name, but how do I go about changing this over to the new owner's name? I want the new owner to have all the warranty info, and at the same time, don't want him running around with a pod...
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    2nd Gen. 10 GB ipod new w/box

    Best offers taken on my lucky "second chance" 2nd gen. 10GB iPod. I took my iPod in for a check-up at the Apple store yesterday because the remote was crapping out on me. Well, they wouldn't replace the remote (and the headphones are long gone), but they did unexpectedly replace the iPod...