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    I was listening to my iPod...with it's drive in my other hand

    I have a G2 10GB iPod, and seeing as how the iPod mini's microdrive has CFII pins with a pin-to-ribbon adapter, I decided to see if mine truly had PCMCIA pins, and if the ribbon was also an adapter like the mini's. Well, yeah. And actually once a few songs have loaded and the drive spins down...
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    Microdrive ripping

    If you have studied, the iPod mini is about $30 less than a commercially available 4GB hitatchi CFII microdrive. Is the microdrive's ribbon cable removable as to expose a CFII interface? And continuing onto that, if you replaced that drive with either a 4.8GB CFII flash card, would you be able...
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    Apple and ipod taking over miami!!!

    In about 9 out of 10 ads on where you wait for buses in Miami, there are iPod ads. Not to mention that the population of iPod owners went from 2 (when I bought mine I became the second person) to somewhere in the 30's (out of 400 students). Is Apple trying to take over Miami?
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    the first thing that will break...

    The first thing that is going to break on ipod (not accessories and not including any port covers) is the headphone port. Mine is getting quite loose on my 2nd gen 10GB. How much would something like this cost to replace? Should I call apple while I'm still under warrenty (~2 months left) and...
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    How to buy replacement 2nd gen fw port covers?

    I need a firewire port cover. Where can I buy one? That sucker broke the first month I had my iPod.
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    Whats up with avatars? Mine went away after the redesign

    How do I put in my avatar again? I will gladly (actually I would prefer it) use my own hosted pic. For some reason I can't find anyplace to enter my avatar URL. Also, how can I get my post count back? I was at ~600 before the redesign!
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    Why Apple's theory is flawed

    The iPod is a luxury device. Almost everyone who has one can't afford it, yet they do. The device crossed the line of acceptable price for a music player, and we loved it. Now that there is a slightly better version, essentially the same device, Apple expects us to upgrade since "Oh they paid...