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    Mac users please help me

    Lets start from the begining. i have the itunes album art screensaver set on my iMac. i opened the options menu on that screensaver to change the amount of rows from 6 to 2. once i dragged the slider to 2, system preferences quit unexpectedly and i got the error message says that "system...
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    iPod from space

    has anyone seen the tuaw post, its some plot of land in austraila that Steve Jobs owns and it certainly looks like a giant ipod you can see it on google earth too. it may take a lil to find it but its worth the search.
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    im using handbrake to ptu my dvd's on my mac and there are a whle bunch of my dvd's that its not accepting nad i can't for the life of me figure out why.. so im wondering if anyone know of any good dvd rippers or knows how to get handbrake to recognize a valid file any help is greatly appreciated
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    wireless network

    quick question everyone. i want to set up a wireless network in my house and im having a situation with my linksys router. i put the start up disc in my imac and try to run the s\setup and the finder comes up and tells me to choose an app to run it. nothing seems to work. any help would be much...
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    keynote transcripts

    anyone here know where i can get a transcript of Jobs latest keynote at macworld? i need a speech about "cutting edge technology" for my english class and this seemed like an easy thing to do. thanks in advance!!
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    apple to run windows and not OSX??,1759,1923151,00.asp hahaha yeah right, that would have to be a sign of the end times......
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    banning of smoking in bars/clubs/resturants.

    i thought this would make an intresting discussion. i carried it over from the "tell people" topic. so chicago is the most recent to add itself to the citys with a smoking ban in public, indoor areas. what gives? just becuase non-smokers have a huge voice that is heard by everyone(including...
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    got to make a choice.

    so my sister is buying me a cd for x-mas. she has no idea what kind of music i want so im asking for your opinion. 1. my morning jacket - Z 2. clap your hands say yeah! - CYHSY 3. the go! team - thunder, lightning, strike! i know there all good but pick one, choose wisely, my music future...
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    volume issue with ex-71's

    im not sure if this is the way they operate but my ex-71's are very very quiet. for example at full volume the ex-71's only as loud as 2/3 volume with the stock earbuds from apple, Although the 71's sound quality is still much better. i am inserting them correctly with the ear tug and what not...
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    EDS help

    i know this sounds stupid and i probably should know this by now but, what is the proper way to reheat egg drop soup? i tried microwaving it and it just isnt happening. any suggestions?
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    good day for cd's

    so i went to best buy to buy a headphone cord extender and walked out with 3 cd's. fiona apple - extraordinary machine shinedown - us and them stephen lynch - the craig machine all three of these discs are awesome go pick em up its worth 9.99 a cd!
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    your best brick score!

    so i was curious what everyone best brick score is. i sit and play brick for hours on end and have only gotten 234. anyone beat that score?
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    2005 Wsop

    after a month and a half the 2005 world seres of poker is over. it seemed this year was the year of the pro-player with johhy chan and doyle "texas dolly" brunson each winning thier tenth braclet. i dont know how many people here enjoy poker or follow the tounrament trail but this was a big big...
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    refurb ipod models

    so my dad wants an ipod now. hes "price concious" and wants one on the cheap. has anyone here bought a refurb ipod, mini, or a shuffle from apple? i just wanna know if it worked well and how it came(packaging) and all that jive. any help is much appreciated.
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    frolf/disc golf

    anyone here besides me ever do this? disc golf is so fun everyone should try it. if you've ever thrown a frisbee your ready to go. you'll love this game i promise!!