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    Intermittent Mobile Problem

    Lately my bookmark to the mobile iLounge site is taking me to the screen above, which tells me to go to the very address I've put into the bookmark. Any idea why this is happening? If I close Safari and try again it works half the time.
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    AirPlay Mirroring

    Per the announcement today, AirPlay Mirroring is coming to iPhone, but it's not clear from iLounge's coverage if that's only for the 4S, or will this also be for prior iPhone models running iOS 5. Any ideas? Also, mirroring is currently available on iPad 2, right? Does this feature allow you...
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    Verizon iPhone - Activation at Home?

    Finally joining the masses and should have a new iPhone delivered later this week. With other Verizon phones they're simple to activate at home, just curious what the process is for the iPhone. Do you activate first, then set up your iTunes syncing and preferences, or is activation done as part...
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    Broken Pull-Down Menus?

    Lately I'm having a problem with the"Search This Forum" and "Quick Links + Your Profile" pull-down menus ... clicking on the arrows on the right no longer brings down the various options for these features. Clicking on the "Search" arrow brings up the full, advanced search and clicking on the...
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    Can Play Auto-Sync'd iPod From Another Library?

    Once in awhile questions comes up about wanting to play the contents of an iPod while it is connected to a library that it is't auto-sync'd to. It used to be that the contents of the iPod, when viewed through iTunes, would be greyed out and you could not play what was on the iPod from iTunes if...
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    iPhone Owners Get More "Action"

    From the meaningless survey department ... According to research by dating site OKCupid, iPhone owners average more intimate partners than Blackberry or Droid owners. :eek: So which do you think is the cause and which is the effect? Does an iPhone get you more action, or is iPhone the choice...
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    Which OS First Supported Genius?

    I down-rev'd my 2G Touch from iOS 4 back to 2.2.1 to get back the functionality in my car stereo and to get Live Updating on the iPod restored. It works just fine in my car now but Live Updating is still hosed, so I suspect iTunes 9.2 has a hand in that. Anyway, what is odd is that with the...
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    Live Updating -- Now Broken on Older OS's?

    Two issues have bugged me ever since the 3.0 OS was released: 1- Live Updating on the Touch was broken if the smart playlist referred to another playlist. 2- My Honda's factory iPod integration barely works (I can sometimes select a Playlist, but forget about selecting music by Artist...
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    Error on Main Page: No object with ID ...

    Starting yesterday, I'm getting two sequential errors whenever I go to the main iLounge page: "No object with ID #at15s exists yet. Call curvyCorners(settings, obj) when it is created." "No object with ID #at16p exists yet. Call curvyCorners(settings, obj) when it is created." Using IE8...
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    iTunes 9.1 - Convert to 128kbps On The Fly for iPod Syncing

    iTunes 9.1 introduced "Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC" for all iPods, not just the Shuffle. Have you tried it yet? My library is about 4 times bigger than what my 32GB 2nd gen Touch can hold, so I was curious to try this new feature to fit more music (most of my AAC files are...
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    OS 4 -- What Are You Hoping For?

    With the upcoming 4.0 OS release (not tomorrow, that's just the introduction) what would you like to see? Given the current hardware limitations in the Touch, what I'd like to see are: Must-Haves: - Fix Live Updating on the Touch (i.e. between auto-syncs). We shouldn't have to re-sync to get...
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    No Signature When Posting w/ Mobile Interface?

    Kinda like now? :p
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    "Greatest Hits" Problem Resolved in iTunes 9.0.1

    (moved to iTunes 9 features thread)
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    iTunes 9 Features (not bugs)

    Mixed Logic Comes to Smart Playlists, Now in iTunes 9! Smart playlists have always been limited in that you could only use AND or OR logic, but not both in the same smart playlist. For example, if you had multiple criteria you had to choose between matching All the criteria (AND), or Any of the...
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    2.2.1 Released

    Any takers? Post results here ... I'm downloading the package now but will install later.