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    Errors in iTunes listings

    Probably many people have noticed obvious errors in iTunes identification of recordings. For example, iTunes uses information (I believe from AMG) to describe an album by the Springfields as recording by a British folk group in the '60s, one member of whom was Dusty Springfield. However, the...
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    Question about New Releases in Music Store

    Before iTunes 7.0, clicking on "See All" on the new releases sent you to a page that listed in alphabetical order all of the new releases added to iTunes that week. This was a useful feature, as the list was much longer than the featured new releases. Now when I click on "See All," I just get...
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    Instead of synching, iPod erases itself.

    I have a third generation iPod. Twice within the the last 3 days, when I've hooked my iPod up to my computer (and I always hook it up to the same computer), the iPod has wiped out the music. In both cases doing a restore (resetting it to factory settings, etc.) has caused it to recopy the...
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    iPod overheating and battery running out

    Today I was running my iPod plugged into a charger when it stopped playing. I picked it up -- I did not have the case on -- and it was very hot to the touch. It had been lying on the top of my desk, and was not covered by anything. I unplugged it, turned it off, and let it sit for about 40...
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    How to best eliminate massive duplication of tracks?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. I recently had an unrelated problem with Windows that seemed to require a reinstall of Windows and thus loss of data. I turned my computer over to someone who works on them part time (mistake I think). Anyhow, he fixes the problem...
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    Tracks get out of order when I re-rip.

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. My problem is that I have had to re-rip certain tracks to iTunes. iTunes puts the re-ripped tracks at the end of songs for the CD instead of where they belong. I've checked the tagging information, and that accurately states the...
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    why are breaks in tracks placed the way they are in live albums?

    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. In my live albums, the track breaks are always placed so that any introduction for a song comes at the end of the prior track. I know that this is not an iTunes or iPod problem. But it seems very strange, and not great if you play...
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    iTunes cannot get tracks in right order

    I have a CD of Keith Jarret's Koln Concert. For some reason, iTunes cannot put the tracks in the correct order. This a 70 minute CD with 4 tracks. iTunes always puts the 4th track 3rd and the 3rd track 4th. I don't know if this is relevant, but the 3rd Track is "II B" and the 4th is "II C."...
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    Which is better, Itunes Music Store or Musicmatch Store

    I apologize if I've missed the answer to this question, but I have gone through a lot of posts. Anyhow, my question is whether iTunes or MusicMatch has a better selection of music. I have fairly broad tastes, but am not totally up to date on popular music. Any thoughts as to which is better?
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    Possible Deal Between Apple and RealPlayer

    Here is a link to today's New York Times concerning RealPlayer trying to persuade Apple to join it in an alliance to keep Microsoft from taking over the online music business. I hope that Apple considers this. As the article...
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    Tagging for dummies

    I'm probably the only person who doesn't know this, but exactly how does tagging work? Obviously there is information coded on a CD. However, the information can't be as clear as the CD title and tracks title because the systems I've used go to an internet site. Also, while the information...