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    Podutil question

    I'm in the process of transferring the songs on my iPod to my powerbook. However everytime it's complete i notice that there are a lot of songs missing. I checked it out and realized that the songs that didn't transfer were *.m4p files (protected ones from itunes music store) Is there anyway i...
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    FS:3G 15GB iPod w/ extra

    The iPod is a 3G 15gb and the screen has been covered with a PDA protector. In addition, it will come with a dock, exo3 asphalt and USB cable. For more info pm me. Price can be negotiated. I can just leave all the songs in the iPod (only like 1280 plus less work for me).
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    Wtb: Mdr-ex71sl Earbud Covers

    Hi, i was wondering if anybody was willing to sell me their regular size earbud covers. These are the default buds that come with the EX71 when purchased. BTW: I am looking for the gray buds (comes with the white version)
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    I was wondering if fellow loungers could help me out on this one. Not sure exactly how to put it so i'll just give an example. I have a song from a broadway show so naturally you hear people singing in the song. And the voices are the most important roles...i can't really hear certain...
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    Samsungs New Portable Media Player

    I was just looking over at the new phones that debuted at the CeBit recently...i happened to pass over this certain item. Being a member in this lounge for a while...i've always seen fellow boarders talk about ipods that could play videos and so forth. Of course this isn't made by Apple...but...
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    Exo3 Asphalt Pics

    Just got it today along with my frost. Absolutely loving it! :D If anybody needs clearer pictures let me know.
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    Logitech Keyboard Shortcut Question

    Hey guys, i just got the cordless mx duo and overall its great....but my question was regarding the Media Shortcut key. When i press it, it gives me the media players installed in my computer....however it doens't show iTunes, which is where i usually play my music from. It gets annoying when...
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    FS: iPod earbuds (never opened)

    Since I really had no use for these, never opened them, and never plan to. I thought it'd be best if I actually put them into good use by offering them to someone who might need them for some reason. As I mentioned earlier, they're still in that package thing. PM me if interested. Happy...
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    Best Buy Warranty Question

    I was wondering. I purchased my iPod from an Apple Store and although i saw the new Apple Care plan, the Best Buy plan seems a tad better. If the device works perfectly fine, do you think i can buy a plan for my own device as well? Its really a desperate move after my dad got his from best buy...
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    REVIEW: Mothers Mag&Alum Polish for Chrome Back

    Overview: Mothers Mag&Alum Polish for Chrome Back w/ pics Well i have finally decided to polish my back and after readin one post with the mentioning of Mothers Mag&Alum Polish i decided to give it a try (since it was only 5 bucks). I used a military boot polishing cloth (thx AAFES :) ) but if...
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    Burton iPod Products

    Ok i have been checking for a while now and i have never seen them IN stock....any news on this so i can actually click on purchase rather than staring at the Out of Stock icon?
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    Apple Powerbook

    I know this is offtopic but I figured i might as well ask somewhere i post on a daily basis....I have been looking at the usual...and of course there is that infamous talk about the dead of course apple becomes really anal when it comes to returning them if they do...
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    iTrip question

    iTrip working in Germany or Asia? sorry i kno this sounds likea dumb question but i am clueless bout iTrip.... but does it work in Germany and Korea? btw i have searched the forum for this answer :( no results
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    Burton Amp Pack

    Ok i have been looking at this bag for a while....and i have been trying to figure out how much this thing can hold....first of all yes i snowboard but seeing that i am stuck in the "deep" south i high doubt i will be using it much other than "street" use....but how much can this thing hold...
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    CDDB iTunes Incorrect

    As some have stated on here....there can be some mistakes for the CDDB database when you attempt to burn your CD....for instance i am in the progress of burning a 4 volume cd pack and although the album is recognized....the volumes are completely wrong....For instance: When i insert a Volume 1...