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    Can I Do this?

    Ok so the main hardrive in this p (C) is almost full. I imagine that my iTunes library probably takes up most of: nearly 30,000 tracks. So I have a possible solution.. Can I get and external drive (1+TB) and copy the current iTunes' library to it and future imports? Will the software "look"...
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    Another Odd Problem

    So earlier this am I once again recorded another lp. Out of curiosity I decided to enter the Metadata. What this actually is Idk. But just to see I entered each track's info. When I imported the files, all the stuff was there: artists, etc. I did not have to go thru each one and do it...
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    An Odd Problem

    Ok so today I copied a few old lps using Audacity and saved the individual music tracks as mp3 files in the Libraries>Music section (I use Windows 7). Then I use the Import File option to import said mp3 files into the iTunes library itself. I then use the Recently Added option in Playlists to...
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    Something strange...Help

    Ok so yesterday I imported some tracks in the iTunes library and the onto the ipod. So this am I went to do the same thing...I pulled up iTunes and now the library is gone! Suddenly I have only a few albums when I had thousands! And every track listed has the cloud symbol! What the )(*&%^...
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    Unable To Paste Artwork in Library

    Ok, backstory so you can make sense out of all this: I have learned that iTunes from some reason will not allow me post artwork if the files are .wav…no idea why. So what I have learned is once I import files that are .wav, I just highlight them and right click and then select Create Mp3 and...
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    Is This True?

    In the last two weeks I have made a few posts about some missing content on ITunes that turned out really to have nothing to do with Apple. Then a week ago my classic 160g got soaked and is now a paperweight. I did have a replacement place but only for a year. So I made a few rounds with some...
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    Missing iTunes Content

    Ok, so I don't where else to put this: earlier this morning I used a card to download the "complete" Beethoven Piano in all 32 of them. However once I got to listening to them, I noticed 2 of the collection are missing; nos #19 and #20 to be exact. Who I contact about this? I paid...
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    Where Is My Beethoven?

    While trying to find any music by Robert Schumann in the Library I just noticed that when I type in the name in the search bar in the upper-right hand corner, no composers show up. Just artists, albums, and songs. Neither is there a composers selection in the list right below the apple. Oddly...
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    Is There Anyway To Have My Artist And Eat it To?

    Title is a joke but here's the problem: I have noticed that anytime I import a cd that contains multiple artists it seems to throw software into a state of confusion. If I select "part of a compilation" the artists' names won't show up in the Artists list unless I change the View selections...
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    Missing Artist & Album

    Imported an CD today and later tried to find it in the library. When I type in the artist's name in the seach box, both the artist and the album will appear, but when I click on either I get no results. Neither appears in any other search method...only by typing into the searcx box but I am...
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    How To Delete A Genre From The Ipod Classics

    Title says all: I want to delete the genre "holiday" from the ipod itself, but keep it in the library. And then keep the Itunes program from redownloading it into the ipod every time I connect it to the PC. I am trying to finish up importing my cds into the itunes. Turns out I am not going to...
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    Error Message

    So I was importing a cd when a message appeared: "TheiTunes Library File cannot be saved. You do not have enough access privileges for this operation." Now I have never seen this until now. The only difference between now and yesterday when I imported some cds is that late yesterday...
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    Help! Album view problem... is there a way just to get a list of the tracks in the sequential order that they were on the cd? I have a cd-r that was recorded from an old lp. it is a live recording with four different artists. There are a lot of talking segments. When the lp was transferred to the disc, each...
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    Please Help....recreating Library from iPod

    A few days ago the OS was wiped out by a virus. I did have a back on an external drive created by Windows 7's backup program. I used it to restore my data, only to discover, for some odd reason, the software backup the individual artists' folders and the album subfolder but the subfolders are...
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    Having a problenm

    Bought the Classic a few days ago and now when I try to connect to the store nothing happens: it tries to load, but when the bar gets about 50% it just stops. I tried it several times in the last few days, but cannot connect. Any idea why?