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    Big Problem

    Hi I just started up itunes recently and realized that im missing two thousand something odd songs. You can imagine my devastation. Well I have no clue who has deleted or rearanged files on my computer but regardless I have a large hole in my collection. The weird thing is that my library is...
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    ipod songs different than library

    I have a problem where my itunes library has a higher number of songs than my ipod has. My library has 5997 songs while my ipod says 5986. I have already checked for bad file types and found that I only have either mp3 or aac. I dont see what else it could be. Can someone help me pinpoint...
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    Well, I've just discovered podcasting and I'm really enjoying it. I am however having difficulty finding some really good feeds. Could anyone recommend me any good podcast feeds?
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    Is itms down?

    I cant connect to it. Whenever I try to download I get error (504) and it says make sure your network connection is active. I havent had this problem for 4 months or so now. Any ideas?
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    Donnie Darko

    Has anyone been to and finished? I get to the point where it says Time is up Donnie and I'm not sure what else to do. Can someone help me out? Its really a cool site if you haven't visited or seen the movie you should do both.
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    Counter Strike Source

    Today Counter Strike Source beta was released on steam for people who already own condition zero. If youre a fan of first person shooters you really should check this game out. Its going to be packaged with Half Life 2 when it comes out, which isnt soon enough. Here are a few screens I...
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    Audio Hosting

    Does anyone know a site where I can host an audio file for free with relatively good bandwidth? Or a site with lots of full length free mp3 or wav files. Thanks
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    Anyone play Quake

    Does anyone here play Quake III? I bought it and played it when it came out. I stopped when I became a Counter Strike addict. Now that I want to return to Quake I was wondering what application to use for good online multiplayer? Whenever I try to play multiplayer through the quake menus I...
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    Make sure your connection is active and try again.

    If like me when you go to download the weekly free song it says what the topic says I may have a solution for some of you. At first when I had this problem I thought that because I had a dynamic ip address that it was affecting how secure my connection was thereby not letting me download on...
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    Too old to sync

    Whoa first post in a long time! Anyway I plugged my ipod up to my pc and it starts syncing with itunes. When its done it tells me some files weren't synced because my software is too old. This was after coming home from a weeks vacation, I had even updated my software before I left too. I go...
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    Uninstall Internet Explorer

    I switched to Mozilla Firefox a while ago. I switched because IE was too prone to pop ups. With firefox I can control pop ups and have had no problem with it for about 6 months now. However I still am getting pop ups that are opening with IE. Its a real pain in the ###. IE is the worst...
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    Adjusting Time/Date

    How can I adjust the time and date within itunes? I adjusted my date from 2004 to 2002 on my pc recently because I need a program to recognise that it is 2002. When I download/import songs they are identified as being from 2004. I need to change the date within itunes so that my Newest Songs...
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    Who believes Kurt Cobain was murdered?

    Thrusday, 4/8/04, it will be 10 years from the day Kurt Cobain's lifeless body was found in his greenhouse. He had taken in 3 times the lethal dose of herion. He had also been shot in the head. His syringe had been neatly put away and his hair was combed. Forensic analysts say that he would...
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    Favorite Music Video

    What is your favorite music video? My favorite is Closer by Nine Inch Nails. Its just so creepy its awesome. I really think the imagry works great with the song. A close second would be Sober by tool.
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    Redeem not working?

    When I go to redeem a song from pepsi I click on redeem song and it doesnt respond. Is anyone else having this problem?