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    Music Quiz

    Just got my package today. 4G 20GB. I was wondering, is this Music quiz game new to 4G ipods? Or was it there since the mini? It is very original :).
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    Just ordered my iPod just now!

    Ordered my iPod just now! Pretty excited at the moment. :) I got a question with the shipping tho. If i choose the Standard (free shipping) choice 6-8 days, do they still ship using FedEx? I live in Canada.
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    Contour! What is taking you so long?

    I am holding back from purchasing 4G 40Giger until i can find a decent case. Contour is the name that always comes to my mind when it comes to ipod cases. Is it just me or is there anyone else that is DYING for the next 4G Contour case?! Argggg. Only thing that's hold me back!
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    2000GB iPods. Hmmmm, 2000GB memory card? I mean what the?! Future of iPod? Solid state?
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    4G iPod port inserts

    Does 4G 20GB or 4G 40GB come with the bottom port cover inserts?
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    Categorize iPod Case reviews

    It would be great if ipodlounge categorized their ipod case reviews list in groups according to their "style and the nature of the case". IE. Flip open cases, Sleeves, Sports cases, hard plastic cases, etc. I'm sure everyone has different preferences, it would make the readers much easier to...
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    Contour Case for 4G iPods

    I just loved all their case. I currently own their iSee case for 2G iPod. 3G showcase also looks sleek and well design I was wondering if anyone knew when they will release the 4G iPod cases? I refuse to buy my iPod until i can find a good home for it (you don't have family before you have a...
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    Mass between 4G 20GB and 40GB

    I like to purchase the new 4G ipods and have a question concerning the mass of the two different models. 20GB is specified as: 5.6 ounces 40GB is specified as: 6.2 ounces Of course, i have no sense of reference as to just how much the difference between those two values are. Is it...
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    Does iTunes change mp3 file?

    Does iTunes modify mp3 file? When you rate your songs, does this information get recorded in the acutal mp3 tag or dose it get tracked by itunes seperatly? Is it same for play counts?
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    You should change your recharging habit.

    I've read many post in the past and present about it's better to top off battery rather than drain it. Well, if this article is true, you should change your recharging habbit. It's right in the bottom titled "Why doesn't my battery last very long...
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    Stampede Rides + iPod = Good mix?

    I am going to stampede tommorow. I was wondering was my ipod safe to have with me along wild rides? Would it damage the HD or any other interneral parts? Of coruse, i will have it sleep during the ride. Anyone who rode on rides with their ipod, is yours ok?
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    How do you use DFX?

    After reading this news ( ) i downloaded DFX plug-in and tried to play around with it, but apparently, i'm lost. How do i encode my exsisting mp3 files with this new DFX plug-in to make it soung better like the article says?
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    Watch TechTV tomorrow for AAC developer interview..

    Tomorrow's show, TSS is interviewing one of the developer of AAC format.,24330,3428724,00.html It could replace MP3.