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    Just got my first Mac

    So last night I picked up a 20" 2.4GHZ core 2 duo iMac. So far its great, still running tiger till I get the upgrade disc I was promised. So can anybody recommend some free software that longtime and new mac users would recommend me download?:D
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    grr, kind of a dilemna (possibly getting a mac)

    ok, Im in the process of trying to sell my dirtbike, I currently have a Dell E1505 laptop. I've always wanted a macc but didnt know if i would like it seeing as we have no apple store in louisiana, we just got a mac shop at best buy where I was able to play with some macs, I fell in love with...
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    Got my new UE Super Fi. 3

    I Just got in my new clear Ultimate Ears SuperFi.3's in from earphonesolutions. This is my first experience with UE. I previously owned a pair of Panasonic HJE70's and Sony's EX51 and EX71 I will start right now by saying that I really like the UE's I was very surprised to find the cable...
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    Just ordered RP-HJE70!

    Well Ive been thru two pairs of EX71's and Ive been reading Jackonicko's recommendations and I went ahead and picked up a pair of HJE70's from J&R Music for 89.99 with 2 day shipping, so, good choice?
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    Cool site

    Hey guys, Join up on these forums, they really are cool, theres pretty much no rules whatsoever, discuss anything you want. WEll just figured you guys might want to check it out, Ive been there for a while and I like it.
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    Language problem with videora

    Im ripping my dvd's to the computer using using dvd shrink, and when I rip them with videora normally at least one of the files are in like spanish, Its really getting aggravating, how can I fix this?
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    Quick question about videora convertor

    I was importing one of MY movies that I OWN and It comes out as a bunch of Video TS.mpg-4 files and I wanted to know if theres any way to make Videora just convert all of the video ts files into one big File?
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    How to find fed ex flight number?

    As in the subject, I know someone on here had posted there flight number and a website to track the plane, I dont remeber where it was seeing as this place is being swamped with posts right now, but If someone could help me out on how to find the flight number thatd be awesome.
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    Ordered a 30gb

    Well I was really ticked off because I just bought my brand new 20gb color not even a month ago, so I broke out my BB receipt and I still had 6 days left to return it, so I went and returned it today, and I ordered a Black 30GB iPod from Apple with my discount, so I get $31 of free money that I...
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    Got another ipod

    Well I decided it was time for a new mp3 player, so I went out and got me a color 20gb today at best buy, it's pretty cool so far,im still kinda messing around with it.
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    Artwork problems

    hey guys, I just bought a 20gb color ipod, and I have a song fromt he Moby 18 cd, adn whe I play most of any of my songs it shows this artwork even though the song thats playing has it's own artwork, I even tried to delete te song but it doesnt help. Someone help me please.:(
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    how much to sell for?

    I have a 10gb 3rd gen iPod and im fixing to buy me a 20-60gb ipod, but I want to know about what to sell it for on ebay? It is in normal shape for that model, it has no dents just the normal scratches. I have a lajo case with screen protector (no belt clip) to go with it. but the battery is...
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    Purchased music goes to shuffle but not 10gb

    I bought 11 songs last night and when I hooked up my 10gb it would give me the crossed out circle when I tried to drag and drop them, but when I plugged in my shuffle it worked just fine. Can anyone tell me whats going on, I upgraded to iTunes 5 adn Ive never had this problem before. Thanks guys.
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    Is the iBook a good first?

    Is the iBook 12'' a good first mac, and also a good first laptop? I am seriously considering picking one up either in July or August. I am pretty good with a PC and have always wanted a laptop (keep in mind I'm turning 15 so I cant afford a $2000 Mac) and I love the quality of Apple and really...
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    For all the Mac users.

    Hey, all you Mac users out there this was on the google news page. Didn't know if anyone saw this yet. New OS version.