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    If I buy iphone 4s now, can I upgrade to 5 later?

    I'm getting my first cellphone very soon and I'd like to go with the iphone 4s, but I hear that the iphone 5 is comming out sometime in the middle of the year. What american and canadian providers will allow me to upgrade for little cost?
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    Why doesn't Apple support ReplayGain?

    ReplayGain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Their sound check feature doesn't work that well and there's still noticable differences between volume. It would be much better if they just added support for the ReplayGain standard which has a better algorithm for volume normalization(based on...
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    Wait for ipod touch 5g?

    I'm stuck at a crossroad. Should I get the ipod touch 4g or should I wait for the 5g? Anybody know a rough period when it will be released and what new anticipated features are?
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    Does this thing support youtube?

    I heard that it supports youtube but yet I also hear that it doesn't support flash. How would youtube be possible without flash?
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    Cannot get album art

    I have checked multiple times and album art does infact exist on the itunes store. When I click "get album art" nothing happens though. I do have an itunes account so why isn't it working?
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    How do I extract album art?

    Usually I manually search for album art and polish it up if it's in bad condition with an image editor. But I cannot find any good 500x500 images of the one I want. Since itunes downloads some pretty good quality art, I was thinking I could just extact the album art from the itunes file with...
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    Burning gapless audio cds

    The first two tracks of a cd that I would like to burn are supposed to together(that's how they were on the original cd I bought). I wanted to make a playlist of some different songs for a roadtrip and everything went smoothly. Except when the cd was done, I tested it and there was a slight gap...
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    Why doesn't itunes support FLAC and OGG?

    Somebody a while go said that it is because they are freeware codecs and that Apple doesn't like those because of "piracy" and etc. Personally, that doesn't seem like a logical reason because out of all the pirated music files out there, a low percentage is in the FLAC and OGG format compared to...
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    Ipod touch radio hacker?

    My friend brought this adapter to school before but lost it. You plug it in the ipod's connector and select a radio channel. If there is a radio in the area that just so happens to be on the same channel, your ipod will take over it and you can play songs from your ipod so other people can hear...