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    2 iPods, 1 PC, I want 2 Music Libs. How?

    I have searched all over the place, my wife now has an iPod and I want to create a personal library for her (she doesn't want my music of course). I use iTunes for my iPod and want to use the same for her Library, which does not exist yet. How do I go about this please? Sorry if this has been...
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    iPod up to date?

    Well according to iTunes my iPod was up to date, it tells me when it's not, this is nice. but at the weekend I restored my iPod and lo and behold iTunes suddenly tells me that it has to install some software to get rid of iPod photo bugs before it can restore. Which it did. Strange or what?
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    I cannot believe that it is not possible to solve the gapless playing thing with software. especially now that the new iPods can cope with Gapless and that it is now possible to label albums as Gapless in iTunes. a disgruntled 4g owner. And there should have been a big label on the box, "WILL...
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    iTrip and RDS Hack?

    Hi, I have the old iTrip, without the display. I really thing that an iTrip should be able to transmit RDS info as well, showing up on your radio with either iPod or preferably track names etc. Is there a hack or anything official to enable this?
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    audible already 2 accounts

    I have just downloaded a podcast for the first time from Audible and it won't upload to my iPod. It says I already have 2 Audible Accounts - can't find any help anywhere as to what to do. any ideas please anyone ? As far as I know I only have one account, created it last night and subscribed to...
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    AAC coding fault ?

    Hi there, I have some very strange things happening on my iPod 30gig Photo: the first thing I noticed was that some songs stopped half way through, always the same songs, I recoded them from audio cd again but the problem remained, thanks to this forum I got the answer to recode them from AAC...
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    iPod Error (-218)

    Hi there, when I plug my 30GB Foto and Itunes has recognized a little grey box comes up that says, Unknown error has occured (-218), I only have the chance to click OK and when I do this everything syncs okay, no problem really, yet a little worrying, anybody else get this ? It's XP by the way...
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    AV Cable question

    I have noticed that some go in the dock connector and others in the headset jack socket. What's the difference, or rather, what is better ?
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    Some songs are being cut off

    Hi there, this is so annoying, a few, but not that few, songs are being cut off on my 30gb Photo. I have heard that this happens sometimes with extremely long tracks but this is happening on 4 minute tracks as well. I have updated to 1.2 on the pod, hoping it was a bug that is now fixed but the...
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    Headphones vs Earphones

    Hi, I am unhappy with the supplied Earphones from Apple that I got with my iPod Photo, they keep falling out even with Ear Jams. Okay so I may have weird ears. I was thinking of getting some Shure e4c's being as they are highly recommended everywhere, but I have no shop around to try them out...
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    iTrip and iTrip II - what's the difference ?

    Hi, sorry but I cannot find this info anywhere but have noticed on Ebay that there is also an iTrip II. Being as I am interested in an iTrip for my iPod Photo I would like to know the difference. Thanks in advance
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    Large songs problem

    Hi, I have a 30gb iPod Photo, it works fine, but now I have 3 very large tracks on there, just over an hour each (they were transformed from mp3 to aac - don't ask) and now after about 15 minutes of so of playing these large tracks the iPod jumps back to the Main Menu and stops playing the...