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    What happened to iLounge?

    This place used to be booming with discussion and community. Where did everyone go?
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    Low USB Power Notice Keeps Popping Up

    I am on my historic iMac G5 right now, and the "Lower USB Power Notice" keeps popping up on my screen out of no where. I understand that I am not able to use something pretty powerful through the ports on the back of my keyboard, but all I have plugged into the computer is the keyboard, and then...
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    Car Suggestion :)

    So, I'm looking to buy a new car eventually, and I hope for it to be the Mazda3. Personally, I like the look of it, I have read tons of reviews which describe nothing but good credentials for what I need it for. I'm a college student at a local campus, and work at a Walgreens pretty close to...
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    Why Did You Choose Your Computer?

    I am part of 2 forums. One which is mainly PC based, and another which is mainly Mac based. Each have users of both computers (just like these forums), and occasionally there are posts which slam each other OS. I wanted users of each OS to read this thread and compile all of their opinions in...
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    Anyone play WoW?

    Just wondering if anyone here plays World of Warcraft. If so, what server do you play on?
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    Looking to buy a MacBook Pro 13"

    I want to buy a MacBook Pro 13" for this upcoming college this year, but I want to know if I would be able to have a payment plan through Apple? Would I be able to pay a monthly fee like $100, or would I have to pay the $1,099 (with ed discount) upfront?
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    I have an iMac G5, and the iPhone (first type released). I want to send pictures via Bluetooth to my computer, even backwards, if possible. I know I can do this by syncing through iTunes, but I want to be able to do this through Bluetooth. The iPhone says it has it, and I want to use it. How...
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    Payment Information

    Hey guys, I recently got a debit card for myself. I now have it on my PayPal account, which I use for iTunes. I know that the debit card can be used as checking or credit, and I want the iTunes store to take the money from my checking account. How do I know, or setup, iTunes/PayPal so the money...
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    Price Check on iMac G5

    I have an old 1.93GHz iMac G5 and I might want to sell it if I can get a little bit of money for it. There is a 160GB HDD, 17" screen, and 512MB RAM. Not too many bells and whistles, but the computer is in very good shape. Also, this iMac does have the built in iSight. Any ideas on a good...
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    Final Fantasy XI Wings of the Goddess questions

    About this game, what is it like? Is it anything like the old Final Fantasy games where you quest through the game, and attempt to fulfil the instructions? Or, since it has Xbox LIVE with it, is it more like World of Warcraft? Or...possibly, am I completely wrong? Thanks.
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    Is EDGE free?

    As the title says, is EDGE browsing free?
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    Finding new music easily

    If you are into checking out some more new music, and you want to find some unsigned (or even signed) artists, check into PureVolume charts. They have plenty of artists you can look through, and there are even some, if you are lucky, that let you download some of their music for free.
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    Question about switching phones

    I have recently decided to spend my money on an iPhone, and there is no going back for me. Although, I do have a few questions about the device before I buy it (which is probably tonight). I will begin with, how does the buying process go? Is it such as you enter the store, purchase the iPhone...
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    Using an iTunes Giftcard

    Well, for my birthday, I have recieved an iTunes giftcard for $15 from a friend. Now, I know that $15 does not come out even in songs worth $0.99 and I was wondering, what happens to the money left over? The few extra pennies that are left over after you buy as many songs/items as you can from...
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    Bottom Navigation

    Well, I was wondering if it was possible for you to put the navigation from the top on the bottom. I mean, the navigation from the forums that looks like this: iLounge Forums > iLounge: The Site and Our Community > Feedback & Suggestions I think that it would help with navigating the site...