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    iPad IOS14.6 Safari bookmark "changed"!

    Thank you very much. So it's not likely to be some kind of infection on the iPad?
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    iPad IOS14.6 Safari bookmark "changed"!

    I have the BBC Weather website for my area as a bookmark on favourites and have had it, unchanged, for years. Today when I clicked on it an IOS message came up warning that this was an insecure site and I should close it. The web address was a great long one - not the normal one. In my idiotic...
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    iPhone5 battery replacement prep

    Hi, I need to get my iPhone5's battery replaced. What procedure should I follow to delete private data from the phone before I let go of it? Thank you.
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    iMessage madness

    I have my new SIM and have transferred my old number - all is well. Well ... No! I've just found out that although everything else has changed, iMessage sends messages to other iPhones (when both ar on wifi, I guess) using the number that was first on the SIM nit the newly transferred number...
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    iTunes menu

    Weird. When I try to select a certain artist from the menu, iTunes terminates with no error message. I can select the atrist from "all artitists" though. Weird!
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    iCloud x 2

    At the moment I have iTunes on a PC, an iPad2 and two iPods (mine and the wife's - very old versios). iCloud will "push" apps, etc. onto all devices, I understand. So, if we get an iPhone each, will iCloud put all apps, etc. onto the iPad and BOTH iPhones? Or, do I have to buy a second app...
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    iPhone4 nav

    Is there an app for decent "sat nav" that only requires a one-off payment? Cheers.
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    dock my iPod round the back!

    I'd like a docking music centre where the iPod is not perched at the front like an old lady's sole remaining tooth1 Do any dock at the back or in a closable area?
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    Getting spooked!

    Just about to spend a fortune when I heard that MMS was not possible. It seems to be on O2 though. Now I hear that ringtones and text alerts can't be changed! :mad: I have an MP3 that I like as my ring tone and one I like as text alert. They're un-restricted, just things I've recorded. So...
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    iPhone 3GS on O2 - MMS (confused!)

    I see the sticky thread here about MMS. :confused: Before I spend a grand (one for the Mrs too! :eek:) on iPhones (3GS) .. CAN THEY :mad: send MMS or not? :D Cheers. ;)
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    many pods make light work

    So, the Mrs and I both have iPods and may soon have iPhones. Both pods sync to iTunes equally (I know, it means I have some Boyzone on mine but, hey!). This is about 50Gb of songs. With the iPhone the storage is only 32Gb, yes? Then there will need to be room for apps, etc. Is it easy to...
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    Freeware m4p to mp3 burn pain

    I don't suppose there is any freeware for m4p -> m3? I burn using iTunes but get clicks and skips - very infuriating!
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    4g + 5g = ?

    OK. Ive got my old 4G photo and the boss (wife) has her new 5G video. I've downloaded iTunes7. Can I ask three Qs please: 1. When I install the new iTunes will it install over my old version and maintain all my MP3s? 2. When I connect her iPod will iTunes be able to cope with two iPod (not at...
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    iPod photo + new iPod video

    Hi, My old iPod photo has been going along nicely with iTunes using Firewire. Now the wife has ordered herself the new video version (80Gb). Can I update her iPod without installing a later version of iTunes? Should I? Would my old machine work with the new beast? Will my old go-pod...
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    Previously, when I left my iPod off for two days or so, it went into a deep sleep mode. Now it doesn't. The only thing I do differently is to leave it with the hold on. Would this change things? Cheers