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    What 'non in-ear' earphones?

    Hi, I have been using Sony EX81's for a lil while but I have decided that in-ear earphones are not for me. I have a budget of £20-£50 for non in-ear style earphones. At the moment I have some Sennheiser MX500's and to be honest, they are rubbish. I listen to music with quite a lot of bass...
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    Can't get Sony EX-81's to stay in ear...

    Hi, I am having problems with my EX81's. The large and medium size tips pop out of my ears as soon as I put them in. The small tips stay in for a few seconds then they slowly pop out. What shall I do? My ears are not waxy and I am putting then in correctly...I have normal size ears... Any help?
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    Just got my Sony EX81's

    These are my first ever pair of 'in-ear' headphones (I mean the proper ones, not like the Apple ones). I must say that I am very impressed with them, they took me about 10 mins to get used to them, surprisingly I am using the 'small' ear-buds. Pros - Better bass and sound quality than Apple...
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    Giant Vending Machine in Portugal

    I was on holiday in Portugal and I seen this giant 'shop size' vending machine. Here are some pics (they are big) - They arn't the best quality but they are ok (taken on my Nokia 7610). I have never seen anything...
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    iPods Magazine Adverts?

    Hey, I am doing a college assignment. I need to compare an iPod advert to a Rio or iRiver advert, these adverts idealy need to be magazine adverts. Can anyone help? Cheers
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    Faulty/Broken iPods Wanted

    Hi, I am after any faulty/broken iPods for a project. I am willing to offer a reasonable price depending on the damage. Thanks
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    I have heard that the iPod was origianaly intended to be called 'Pod!' but somewhere along the line someone turned it upside down. What do you guys thing of this?
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    Apple's Repair Service

    I must say that I am impressed with Apple's Repair Service, I phoned them up told them the problem and 2 days later I had a UPS officer at my door with a box ready to take my ipod. It was all packaged up and I received some Apple documentation (which the UPS guy signed). I am now waiting for it...
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    WTB: Dock suitable for 4G 20GB iPod

    As the title says.
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    Can you lot please view my post in the iPod Problems forum! Thanks
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    Help - iPod 4G Screen Problem!

    Hi, I am having a major problem with my iPod. 4G 20GB 1 Month Old Today I was listening to some music on it when the screen suddenly turned off! I pressed some buttons but it would not come back on although it was still playing music and the backlight was on. I tried a soft reset and I seen a...
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    HELP - What Earphones Shall I Get?

    Hey, I am currently using my standard earphones, I would like to purchase some better ones. I do have some Sennheiser MX500's but tbh they are no different to my standard ones. I have a budget of £25/$40. What do you recommend? Thanks!
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    WTB: 1st Generation iPod

    Does anyone have a 1st Generation iPod for sale? Boxed and in good condition prefered.