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    Ensure 2 songs always play in succession

    So other than merging the 2 songs with an audio editor, does anyone know of a way to make sure iTunes will always play 2 specific songs in succession? I highly doubt it, but was certainly curious. Example: When Judas Priest's "The Hellion" plays, it will always play "Electric Eye" afterwards...
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    mac ipod convert to pc-- get error

    so i have a mac formated 80g ipod, and i wanted to convert it to a pc ipod (dont ask). when i open itunes 7, and connect my ipod, i then click the restore button, then it says an unknown error occured and it wont reformat... i tried resetting my ipod, and reconnecting, i tried restarting my...
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    Search turns up artist but...

    It wont let me buy any of the songs!! I get an error message saying that the song is no longer available, or has been moved. Yet i can preview the song. example: i want to download songs from "Soilwork" and "In Flames" Let me know if you are able to at least get to the "are you sure you want to...
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    Play song after download

    So I have this box checked in the iTunes Prefrences. However, it no longer works for me. It used to, and it was nice. I'd buy a song, and after it was done downloading it played, and i could continue browsing the store or whatever. Any ideas on how i can get this to work again? I upgraded...
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    The Amazing Shapeshifting iPod

    So heres my problem. I noticed about a month ago that my aluminum backing wasnt staying flush with the front, ie. the side was sticking out. Then the other day i noticed that the other side was now sticking out, but the other side was flush. Then i noticed it was fine. Has this happened to...
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    American Head Charge!

    If you dont know the beast that is American Head Charge, you should. Listen to "The Feeding" tracks HERE The Feeding is out Feb. 15 Their Debut album "The War of Art" is out now. This is one of my most played cds of all time. More info at Total Assault
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    iSkin / rubber cases

    So ive had mine for about 2 months (iskin exo 2). I really liked it.... at first. here is why its not worth the cash to get one: 1. its too damn tacky. practically sticks to and attracts everything. 2. it damages ipod exterior more than it protects. since its soo tacky (and yes, i used baby...
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    Mac to Windows to Mac

    I am a Mac user at work. I am a PC user at home. My iPod is a 3g mac format. I would like to sync my iPod with BOTH computers, so i have the same library on my PC, iPod & Mac. I used xPlay for a while, which was ok and allowed me to use my mac formatted iPod with windows. But i Dont want to...
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    iTunes CPU HOG!!!

    I have both a Mac and a PC... when i am ripping or updating iPod, on either platform my computer comes to a CRAWL!! On my PC i noticed that during ripping of a cd, it uses almost ALL of my CPU!! I cant even browse the net! Its quite similar on my dual G5!!! This needs to be fixed. Comments?