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    grado wire length w/ipod

    how does everyone address the issue of the extremely long wire length on grado? up until now twisty ties... but it's getting annoying. any suggestions?
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    how to sync if you have more music than space?

    Hi, i originally had a 20gig then i had to move to the 40 gig ipod to accomadate my growing music collection. but now i'm now considering ipod mini. i was wondering how does it sync with itunes (update number of times played, star rating etc..). when i tried with my 20gig ipod with my 33 gig...
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    ipod dream

    i had this dream where i was walking in NY. and my ipod fell down the sewer grates. it was playing the verve - the drugs don't work. also, i got in a car and started driving to boston. weird... am i the only one with dreams with the ipod involved.
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    SOLD: 20gig 3g ipod

    SOLD please close. 20gig 3g ipod so i'm selling everything that came with the ipod except the apple case, but i'll include a jam jacket instead (alot better since you can control it without taking it out). i've had this ipod since 10/15/2003. and i had a apple store (3/5/04)recently make...
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    not a happy customer evil apple store

    i pretty mad at the local apple store in menlo park mall nj. i brought my ipod in hopes of getting it fixed. i brought in pictures of my ipod screen blanking out (it shows the arrows but doesn't show the words that are next to them, e.g artist, browse, settings, extras, etc...). i also...
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    Mac to Pc?

    i'm pretty sure there is a sticky on how to view Mac files (i used my ipod as a portable hd) on my pc. can anyone give me a link or explain thanks. -norman
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    request of music and list of all songs on my ipod

    can anyone request music for me. i enjoy rock like - radiohead, cursive, at the drive in, beck. soft rock like - beth orton, julie doiron, etc. rap - eminem, blackalicious, mr. lif, NWA, ice cube. electronic - aphex twin, the books, dj shadow, dj food, amon tobin. my ipod music list...
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    Mac software needed?

    Hey, do i need to install software on a Mac computer if i have a recently restored PC ipod (3g), and i want to use the ipod as a hard drive? (I want to download some high graphics at college, they only use Mac computers and transfer them to my PC.) thanks.
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    skipping track 1

    whenever i play an album (hitting the play button when the album is selected.) it skips track one. and instead of displaying "playing track 1 of 15" it says "playing track 2 of 15". I looked over the ID3 tag and everything seems to be in order. does anyone know the solution to this problem...
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    Hey, i'm new to this itunes hence, new to aac. i was wondering what the difference is (aac vs. mp3). i think i read that itunes store sells aac? but other than that, is there a reason i would rip my cds in aac format/convert my mp3s (is it smaller?). i tried to search the forum, but it...
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    ID Tags

    Hi, i organized my ID tags V1 nicely, but my ID tags V2 are a mess. Which ones will the ipod look at? btw, ipod is currently being shipped. Thanks.