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    Ipad pro battery problem

    Thank you so much. I bought a apple power plug and a wire and it charged my iPad. A regular plug wouldn't work
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    Ipad pro battery problem

    I have a iPad pro. I'm having battery issues with it. I have it plugged in and it seems like it won't charge. I keep seeing a battery logo flash every 5 seconds. I tried to do a restart by pushing the volume up and down and holding the power button but that doesn't work. I just see the battery...
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    Apple tv 4th gen

    Am I able to jailbreak the 4th generation apple tv. There are android boxes that can stream new movies and shows. Just wondering if I can jailbreak my apple tv so I can watch new movies and shows and maybe live sports
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    iphone 6+

    so i have a iphone 6+ and the screen is being glitchy. sometimes when i tap something on the screen then it wont respond but when i turn the phone on and off then it starts to work for a bit. does anyone know of a fix to this or why this happens
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    IPhone 5 not powering on

    I have a iPhone 5 that has been sitting for a couple years. I have been charging it for 2 days straight now and it won't turn on. It is not jail broken. I have tried the wire on my iPhone 6 and it works so I know the iPhone 5 is getting power to it. Any idea on how I can turn it on or what I can do?
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    I have a iPad mini and I'm looking to maybe mount it in my shower. besides getting a case,is there a way to make it waterproof and be able to mount it in a shower?
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    ipod touch as external mic

    i have a pioneer deck in my car and the mic that i use for bluetooth has packed it in. i was wondering if i can use my ipod touch 4th gen as a external mic somehow if i plug it in to the aux port
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    controlling ipod

    i recently bought 4 speakers and a receiver i i have my ipod touch hooked up to it. i will be having the ipod on shuffle but i was wondering if there was a way i can use my android phone to control the ipod. mainly i would need to control the volume and skip tracks. both devices will be on the...
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    restore mod

    so i was updating my ipod touch 4th gen and something went wrong and the ipod didnt get updated, instead it went into restore mode. does anyone know how i can get it out of restore mode without loosing any of my songs ?
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    Putting videos on iPod touch

    i have a 4th gen ipod touch with ios6 on it. im trying to put videos onto it but im having some problems getting them on. i can see and play the video while its on itunes but when i try to play it on my ipod i cant. it wont even let me click it on my ipod. i can get videos onto my desktop but im...
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    iPod Accessory

    I have a iPod radio that I bought and I usually dock my iPod 4g into it to listen to music but for some reason its starting to say " this iPod is not compatible with this accessory. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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    battery life

    i have a ipod touch 4th gen. i noticed that after ios5 my battery life has gone way down. i downloaded a app but people say it works great but it only gives me a timer to when i should stop charging and it doesnt fix the battery. is there anything i can do to get my battery life back?
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    itunes 10.5 issues

    so it took me about 30min to install the new itunes because it wouldnt work over the itunes website and when i finally did i tried to drag and drop some new songs onto my ipod like i usually do and it didnt let me. i tried to enalbe wifi sharing and that doesnt work either. how am i supposed to...
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    backing up itouch

    i have a itouch 4th gen and i went to update to 5.0 and it said i have to restore my itouch. the way i have my itouch set up is i manually add songs to it and once i add the song i will delete it from my computer that way i go go to any computer and get songs from it. ive come across some good...
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    updating ipod touch 4th gen

    i have a ipod touch 4th gen and every time i go to itunes and try to update it i get a message saying "ipod could not be unknown error occurred (3194). i have updated itunes to the latest version so thats not the problem. does anyone know of a way to manually update the ipod or use a...