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    Upgraded to 5.1 FW, a-downgrading-here-I-go Here's why...

    I love my iPod Touch, and I always keep up with the latest FW. Now I will downgrade back. Don't get me wrong, 5.1 is buttery smoothe, and is parhaps the best FW yet. BUT....When I first got my 64GB 4G iPod Touch, it was working good from the start, however, enhanced podcasts such as Radio 538...
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    What don't you like about IOS5?

    First off, I think IOS5 is a major improvement over IOS4, and for the most part I finally feel my iPod Touch is a finished product. However, there are a few subtle differences with the new IOS that I prefer on IOS4. For starters, podcasts appear to be split between audio and video. Before with...
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    Slow to display video titles

    My 64GB iPod Touch 4G has a minor issue but is annoying me. First off, it has about 90 apps installed, with about 32GB free. Also, it is not jail broken. I noticed when I select the video function, it takes about 5 seconds to display the titles. However, I noticed one on display at a B&M store...
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    Lock and physical volume buttons do not work while playing music

    Yep, as the title says, after a short duration while playing music, the top lock and side volume buttons do not functons. Sometimes after syncing with iTunes, the functionality returns. I have an iPod Touch 4G, 64GB. Troubleshooting applied so far: Observed that this is only occuring while...
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    Possible playback bug with certain podcasts

    I recently purchased an iPod Touch 4G 64GB, and so far I'm loving it. I did come across a playback issue with certain podcasts, however, and am hoping this will be corrected with a firmware update. Here is the bug and how it's produced, and let me know if anyone else has this issue: The trpe...
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    To Shutdiwn Or Remain On Standby?

    Helo all, I am pretty sure this question was asked over a thousand times, but I could not find it anyplace: When not using the ipod Touch, is it better to do a full shutdown, or always leave the iPod Touch on standby? I am asking because I usually do a full shutdown, but, today, when I...
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    Random sluggishness on the now playing screen

    Hello, I just purchased a 32GB 3G iPod Touch, and so far I am loving it. I am concerned by one issue, however: On the now playing screen, sometimes, when I tap the screen to toggle to the time elapsed section, it doesn't change over, and sometimes I have to tap harder to get to it. Other tap...
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    Why the drop in hard drive capacity?

    I am curious to know why Apple decided to lower the highest capacity for the newest Classics to 120GB. I think it's because the 160GB Classic did not sell as well as the 80GB model and Apple wants to go head to head with the Zune 80GB. Does anyone else have any better answers? I am curious about...
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    So when did the hissing begin?

    I created this thread to attempt to get to the very bottom on why the Classic, especially the 160GB Classic, is hissing after powering it off. After reading numerous threads, the root cause seems inconclusive. I have read that some Classics do not hiss after upgrading the firmware to 1.1. I...
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    Purchased 160GB iPod - Foolish Purchase?

    Hello all, Tonight I went into Circuit City, and on an impulse, I purchased the 160GB Classic. I was using an iPod 80GB with about 55GB free, and had absolutely no problems with it. The reason why I purchased the Classic is because of the much longer battery life, and just the idea of holding...
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    What is your gender? Please vote

    The title is self explanatory. I am just curious on what the population is here at iLounge. I predict 65% men, 35% women. :)
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    Scratches on Siver part.

    Have you scratched your iPod Video? You know how bad you felt when it was scratched. If you did scratch it please discuss if it aggravated you and the steps you took to restore it. With the onslaught of scratched iPods hopefully we can get ideas on how to restore it as good as new.
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    What's with the white earphones?

    I always wondered with all the good headphones that are available, why do most people listen to their iPods with the inferior earphones that it came with? I mean they don't sound too bad, and they improved a bit but they do sound quite tinny compared to most others. Since I got my 5.5G the white...