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    Adding an App to the Activities Bar

    I have Good Reader on my Ipad and Mini, since the last upgrade it will not show as a default in the new Activities bar if I want to open or save something with this program. How can I add Good Reader to the Activities bar.... Thank you!!
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    Help with Audiobook files

    I have an audiobook that was sent to me in 10 different mp3 files, how can I go about getting these all into 1 file and then into the audiobook section in iTunes to be synced to my iPod touch. Thank you!!
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    Help with Joining Tracks

    Hoping that someone that uses Itunes to rip their cd's for audiobooks can help me out. I am downloading cd's to save to my ipod. For each disk after you put it in you need to select all the tracks then you can hit an icon to join the tracks. I have done this for 4 different books that I have...
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    Iphone 6s calendar/reminders question

    I have an iphone 6s - I would like to know if there is a way that I can take an appointment that I have entered into my calendar and have it show up on my home screen in the morning as a reminder. Thank you!!
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    Using Ibooks and saving pages

    I am using Ibooks for the 1st time on my Ipad mini and every time I finish reading a portion of my book and exit out and when I go to start reading again my book is right back at the beginning, it will not start off at the page I last read, how can I fix this. Thanks!!
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    Help deleting I-cloud account

    My Ipad that I had purchased a year ago from a rent-to-own company had to go in for repairs as the sound would only work when using headphones. Long story short it could not be repaired so they replaced it today with a refurbished one. It was sent to them from another store and that store did...
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    ipod touch 4th gen-can't install apps

    I got an ipod touch 4th gen for my mom today. I have updated it to the current ios of 6.1.6. I went to install the apps and for all of them I get the error that I need ios 7 or higher to install them. I also have a 4th gen touch, ios 6.1.6 and I am running the exact same apps that I am trying...
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    Help with Twittern and Vine/Telly videos

    If I am in Twitter and someone posts a video with either Vine or Telly I can see the video just fine but there is no sound with it, how can this be fixed.
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    Help wth Good Notes and iPad 3

    I just upgraded today from the original iPad 1 to the 3. So far I love it but have a question about Good Notes. How can I get the documents that I have in Good Notes on my first iPad to this one. Thanks!!
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    Major Itunes help needed

    Let's just say 1st of all that I have learned a a very big lesson about running programs from an external hard drive. I have Itunes set to run from my external and I am having a problem with it being corrupt and that is another issue that I am getting fixed. Anyways I uninstalled Itunes and...
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    Question on iHome iW2 speakers

    I have a chance to get one of these for $ 40.00. First of all is it a good price. Secondly for those of you who may already have one are you happy with it and is it easy to set up and use? Is there another product that you would recommend that would work better. Thank so much!! Mindy
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    Twitter & Instagram question

    I have an original Ipad. I have the Twitter app installed, I do not have the Instagram app installed as there is no camera on my Ipad version. Typically when I am reading a tweet and there is a link to an Instragram photo I click on the link and the photo will open right up for me. The last...
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    Itunes & TV shows

    I have some tv shows that I wanted to watch. I have them all converted to mp4and they are showing in the tv shows tab in I tunes I can see them in a list. My sync button is selected for tv shows. I sync my Ipad (version 1) and it looks to be going fine. I click on the video icon (once done...
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    Sharing Music ??

    My co-worker and I both have Ipod-4's we would like to be able to share music with each other. Is this possible and if so how would we do it. Thanks!! Mindy
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    Itunes-cloud issues

    Ok I am in shock, I have an old ipod that I have not used in years and was given an ipod touch 4 from my kids. I opened Itunes on my computer and had a very old version so I updated to version 11. All I can say is WOW what a culture shock. My kids told me to sign up for the Itunes match which...