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    JOINING YouTube movies on Mac?

    Is it possible to take several videos downloaded from YouTube and join them into a single video to be playable on an iPod Classic? If so, how/what programs?
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    Itunes from External Drive question

    I have what I think is a fairly unique problem: I'm working on an older iMac G4 with 1.1 USB ports. I'm trying to get the iTunes library for this machine to play from an external USB drive. I know that the transfer time via USB 1.1 is slow, but that for playing music it should be alright. My...
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    Play music through iTunes via Shuffle?

    So I'm setting up my new shuffle, and I want to test out a playlist I put on it. It sounds fine through the headphones, but when I connect it to the computer and click a song in the shuffle's Contents tab to play, I get the message that the song couldn't be found. Now, my music library is on an...
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    Prepaid, Unlocked iPhone?

    I have a quick question - with the new unlocking services springing up, would it be possible to use an iPhone with the Verizon Wireless Inpulse system?
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    How do you use multiple iPods?

    I just got my second (current) iPod, a secondhand black 4GB nano (1st gen). I originally got it thinking it'd be good for working out, but I find I carry it around with me more and more just walking around. The problem is I also have a 30GB video iPod, and I feel kinda bad just letting it lay...
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    Problems transferring music to iTunes with Music

    I have a problem and I'm not very computer literate. I haven't seen anyone with my specific problem yet so here goes. I have two iPods, a full-sized gen 5 video and a first gen nano. I also have several music libraries - one at work and one at home. I tried to copy the library I have at work to...
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    2G Shuffle won't recharge

    I have a 2G shuffle that I'm having trouble with. When I connect it to my iMac, it won't recharge. This has only started happening recently, so I don't know what's wrong. The iMac is a G4 with OS X 10.4.9. with the USB ports at 1.1. Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do?
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    Library and hard drive questions

    I have something of a problem. I've got a new external hard drive and I've put all my iTunes music onto it to save space, as per the tutorial found elsewhere on iLounge. The problem is the tutorial specifically stated you should not move the iTunes Library from your original hard drive to an...
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    iTunes is deleting/hiding video podcast

    I have a strange problem - when I try to download a specific video podcast, it shows up in the Downloads section of the Store area in iTunes. However, when it's done loading, it shows up as greyed out in my iTunes Podcasts folder with a little orange exclamation point next to it. I can't drag it...
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    Tagging TV shows in iTunes

    So this is probably old news to a lot of you but I was ripping some DVDs with Instant HandBrake. Then when I went to put them in iTunes, I noticed you can now add TV show tags like show name, episode title/number etc. Finally! But I couldn't find a way to add descriptions, which was odd. It'd...
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    iTunes won't display in XP

    Last night my computer was having a problem processing a webpage with iTunes running, so I had to force quit through the Task Manager. Now iTunes won't show up when I activate the program by clicking its icon, selecting it from the start menu, or even plugging in my iPod. The Task Manager says...
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    How do you add album art to an iPod only?

    The subject of this topic is a little misleading, as album art automatically gets added to your iTunes library, but I've been having a problem: I want to add album art to all the albums I have on my iPod, but I have to be actively listening to a song on my Pod to be able to do it (ie. have the...
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    How do you properly unplug an iPod?

    I know I've read it before (and had it happen to me) where bad things happen when you unplug an iPod from a PC without ejecting it before. Does anyone know where there's some sort of official documentation telling why you should not do this? A friend of mine insists there's no harm in it and has...
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    Please Help - DVD Shrink drops audio!

    I'm converting a movie in DVD Shrink, and I make sure to have the proper English-language boxes checked when I re-author the DVD, but it still drops the audio. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or if there's anything specific I need to make sure I include when I re-author a movie? Help...
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    Small problem encoding TV shows with DVD Shrink

    When I transfer TV shows in DVD Shrink, it has a habit of making a VOB file with the first chapter of the NEXT episode in each seperate episode. In other words, I have Episode A of a show in a VOB file, and after the credits of that ep. run, the opening titles and first chapter of Episode B...