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    Why is iTunes so ugly?

    As i just installed vista, I realized when I was using iTunes that it is very ugly. I mean, they gray with the green rectangle at the top? It just doesn't match itself or anything else it coexists with [ex. aero theme]. Couldn't the company that designs the most eye catching innovative...
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    The stuff that's .pplied directly to the forehead. First off, Have you ever bought this stuff? No one I know has ever bought this stuff And secondly, does it work? I never have headaches so I couldn't test it, but for those who do, does it work? Just curious, because I've never seen it in...
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    hey all, I was hoping for your help I heard this one reggae song on my iPod that I never knew I had, and I really liked it alot, I think it was from a Thievery Corporation Mix. But anyway, I thought that I really need to explore this genre further, and was wondering if you guys could give me...
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    Screen Cable Loose?

    OK, so I had just come home from practice, and I went to use my iPod, and it seemed as if it wasn't turning on, so I pressed and held the MENU and CENTER buttons, until it showed the apple, but it never did show the apple. The backlight just turned on and it beeped [standard behaviuor for...
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    My mum just got a new MacBook

    and I was wondering what is some good software for the macs. I already downloaded Office 2004 and was wondering if there was any other stuff that's good, because I saw it already comes with alot of apps I like it a lot, but I don't think I would like it for myself though. Thanks for any input
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    Anyone have Jezzball?

    I was wondering for all of you out there still rocking windows 98, do you have and could you send me a copy of jezzball?
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    Future of iPod Capacity?
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    have dropdown menus been eliminated?

    I have noticed that when you hover over any of the options on the orange navbar, they don't make dropdown menus anymore, and was just wondering if it's just me or have they been eliminated? I;m using FF 2.0 btw
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    not sure if anyone beat me to this or not, or if its lame-o old news, but I jsut went to and they have an iPhone
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    valid xhtml -- NOT

    I was surprised when I clicked on the link atthe very bottom of the page on the forums that said "valid xhtml", and it said there were 92 errors on the page! :eek: here the link I used was just wondering how this happened
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    Happy Birthday Logo

    Just thought it was funny, and not sure if anyone else noticed the little ilounge symbol with a birthday cake :) Happy Birthday iPod!
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    Another NY building hit by a plane?

    Just turned on the news, saw that a plane just hit another building in NYC Its on the upper east side please post with updates, maybe a name for the building, and your thoughts
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    Is anyone else pumped for october 9th?

    Milburn is coming out with a debut album very similar to the arctic monkeys, knowing that, one can only expect good things your thoughts?
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    32GB flash drives = huge nanos? hopefully it will happen pretty soon! that's insane!
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    Lounge Music

    Hi Lately, i've been getting into laid back lounge music, and was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for good albums or artists thanks :)