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    Ok, i have an external harddrive that i formated on my Mac. i also have a dell desktop that I would LIKE to use the external harddrive with. So will Macdrive allow me to use my Mac formatted harddrive on a windows XP as well as my powerbook WITHOUT screwing with me iPod or anything esle?
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    Adding internet radio stations!

    Hey did you guys know you can add internet radio stations to iTunes? I added NCSU's station tonight and it downloaded something like an mp3 file, put itself in iTunes and started playing! I closed iTunes and opened it back up and it was still there, cliked on it and it started playing. Since...
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    Quick Time Pro worth the upgrade?

    Of course you guys know by now Im a Mac noobie with a powerbook. Sweet lil machine that it is....anyway I was wondering if upgrading me Quicktime 6.5 is worth the effort or money upgrading it to Pro. If it is worth it, why?:confused:
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    USB harddrive help please...

    Ok, I have me powerbook and I bought an internal 200gb harddrive that I decided to not to install in me XP desktop. So i decided to buy and harddrive enclosure kit to make it external. I have the kit but my question is this, in order for the harddrive to work with both my XP machine and my PB...
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    Mountain Bikers! Which case you use?

    Whats up my fellow bikers, I'm newbie MBIker with an iPod. Just bought my first BIke, a Trek 4900 2004 model and I plan on taking it out tomorrow for a couple of hours. I know I'll be suckin major wind in no time but my trusty iPod will be riding shot gun in my camelback. Just curious as to...
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    Does iTMS carry this?

    I'm looking for the type "music" that is like background noises. Like maybe beach sounds, forest sounds, or maybe even city noises. I don't really know how else to describe it. Need this kind for studying. If iTMS does carry it what is it under?:confused:
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    Newest music you picked up?

    I started another thread but couldn't find it. Anyway I just picked up: Maroon 5: Songs About Jane Busta Rhymes: It Ain't Safe No More YoungBloodz: Drinkin Partnaz Bob Marley: Tuff Gong? JayZ: The Black Album (already copied it from me Bro) Wyclef Jean: Greatest Hits Dave Mathews Band...
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    Final Fantasy XI

    Ok, I have played one of the games on the Super NIntendo I think and that was the only one I liked. Old skool but nice. I hated the ones on the PS2. I played FF8 I think and only lasted until the 3rd disk and that was maybe 2 yrs ago and haven't touched it since. So I've never been a fan of...
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    Sigs showing music playing

    How do you guys get the sigs that show what you are listening to? Some of them look like they came straight from iTunes while others look like the top bar from a Mac window.:confused:
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    2 iPods showing up in 1 iTunes!!!!

    Ok, I don't know how I did it. But here is the thing....I have a 40gig and my wife has a 20gig. We both share one pc and use iTunes under a different login in XP. Her iPod was already in its doc with the check mark (not connected). I login under my account in XP place my iPod and it connects...
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    XPlay on any pc!

    Hey can I use XPlay with any pc? I want to be able to download music here at home and use XPlay when on the road at me bro's house to upload some music or grab some of his. Can XPlay be used like that if me bro doesn't have XPlay installed on his pc?
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    Use Anapod with any PC?

    Hey can I use Anapod with any pc? I want to be able to download music here at home and use Anapod when on the road at me bro's house to upload some music or grab some of his. Can Anapod be used like that if me bro doesn't have Anapod installed on his pc? Trying to decide which app to buy.
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    Tired of hearing about ILLEGAL MUSIC?

    Hey I've had an iPod for about 2 months now and I have yet to download any music from any site besides iTunes and Napster. I bought some tunes from both site, but obviously the Napster tunes don't play on me iPod. BUT I will borrow a friends cds to copy to my harddrive in a heartbeat. I have...
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    Realplayer Music Store

    Well I see RealPlayer is selling music inn AAC 192k. Has anybody tried it yet? If I can download a song and transfer it to iTunes for podding I think is a good show. I wil give it a try tonight. Just wondering if anyone has given it a shot yet. Its nice to have another music store in...
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    Got an iPod but getting a mini too?

    Ok just curious, who has an iPod, whether it be 3G or not, and plans on getting a mini too? I am toying with the idea of getting one myself.:p